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May 30, 2007 03:33 PM

Chow-Friendly Diet. It works! For me, anyway.

As a dedicated chowhound, food is one of the chief pleasures in my life. So, no surprise that dieting has usually been super annoying and not very successful for me. I'd usually eat fake crap (lite! lo-cal! sugar-free!) in the belief that it was either that or nothing but carrots, all-bran, and skinless chicken breasts. Bleah either way.

So here's what has finally really worked for me: The Expensive Diet. Seriously. I realized that this might be one place where throwing money at it might really help. So things like nuts, berries, really good salmon, avocados, beautiful baby greens, asparagus, very fancy olive oil, and steak went from being sparingly-used delicacies to the majority of my daily diet. I added staples like whole-wheat tortillas, quinoa, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, and my one fake thing: splenda in my tea. I cut way down on my portion sizes and stopped snacking, but with all the deliciousness and fat and fiber, I feel so much less deprived than I usually do on a diet. Along with exercise and quitting my daily glass of wine (sob), it has worked really well. I've lost 10 pounds in a month, and I don't feel that desperate, grouchy need for a cheeseburger that I usually have after a month of dieting.

So, I'm not a doctor, blah, blah, this does not constitute Advice, but, dang, it works and it doesn't suck. Thought I'd share.

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  1. works for me too! except i don't eat much meat and absolutely no sugar subs. You might even try switching to natural cane sugar, I find sugar subs bring on the appetite. Anyway, good for you for figuring it out!

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      Hmmm, I'll have to try a little real sugar. Thanks for the suggestion.

      I forgot to add one thing that has really helped me stick to it, probably because I'm slightly ashamed of myself. Lean Cuisine, but only the "Spa Meals". They have only whole grains, no preservatives, and are not as astronomically salty as some others. It's been really helpful to have something to fall back on when I don't have time to cook, or I'm out of healthy real food.

      1. re: Tartinet

        Have you tried any of the Kashi frozen entrees? they also have whole grains, so they are really filling, and quite good! there's a lime shrimp one I like a lot.

        1. re: cheetobrain

          Yes, I really like the Kashi entrees. The "Black bean & mango" one that is veg is great and even spicy which makes it not feel like such a 'blah' frozen meal.

          They are good to turn to when you don't feel like cooking and it's either that or some kind of junk you don't want to put in your body!

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      1. Hooray for you! I think your approach is just wonderful. I've always thought that those fake diet foods just leave you feeling hungrier and deprived...

        I've posted in a previous thread about indulging, and how I believe it should be done with top-quality ingredients and foods. You'll eat less and feel more sated, rather than mindlessly stuffing yourself with fat-free, sugar-free crap.

        1. A Dangerous Idea, Tartinet!
          Enjoy More, Eat Less.
          Are you trying to destroy the economy?
          With a few substitutions for the priciest things on your list, your new habits would probably not be more expensive than your old ones, either.

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          1. re: atheorist

            Yeah, I haven't done the math, but I'm sure that once I factored in no wine and less mindless eating out, my new regimen would be right in the same range as my old, less delight, more pudge regimen.

            As for the economy, maybe I'll do my bit by buying a big stupid SUV or something. That should do it.

            1. re: Tartinet

              Hmmmm....more fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, smaller portions (but no "forbidden" foods), increased exercise....sounds pretty close to WeightWatchers!

              I lost 65 pounds that way, eat better, tastier food than I have in years (and definitely agree that higher quality options makes it a lot better; I also avoid processed "diet" foods like the plague) - and still have my daily glass of wine. If you can stick to one glass, you should try factoring it back in. It made - and makes - a big difference to me.

          2. Love this diet. I'll go to the market and get a cooked lobster and mix it into a salad with low fat dressing. Diet but decadent.