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May 30, 2007 03:08 PM

Best Sushi in NoVa

I have a new favorite: Momo Sushi & Cafe on Queen Street. Everything was super fresh. Their rolls were especially tasty. SO liked the St. Thomas roll (spicy tuna and the whole thing tempura-fried) Their nigiri was wonderful, tamago was a little thin though and I don't think they give you miso soup and salad gratis like other places, but wow -- their fish! And it didn't cost an arm and a leg!
Distant second place: Bonsai Grill on 23rd in Crystal City - Inconsistent, but when they have good stuff, they really shine. I think the switch in management/ownership caused the decline in quality.
Honorable mentions: Osaka in this random stripmall next to Springfield Mall
(don't laugh) Matsutake in the DCA Airport. (Service was excellent, and they have had the freshest uni I've had in the DC Area)

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  1. I've been hearing consistently good things about Momo. I have to fess up and say I'm about as adventurous as a California Roll, but I'd love to patronize a local place that has good tempura etc...
    What else have you tried? Do they have cooked/ non sushi offerings?

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      I had their Boston roll which is shrimp and cucumber. And they have an Old Town Roll which has cooked crabmeat, seasoned with Old Bay!!

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        Thanks for the tip on this place...though I will advise you if you haven't had something akin to the "Old Town roll" before, I usually find them disappointing even though they sound like they might be good. Many Baltimore area sushi places do these (crab meat and Old Bay, go figure), in fact my girlfriend ordered one at Nick's in Cross Street Market this weekend despite my efforts to steer her away, and she didn't like it much.

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        Thanks for recommending Momo. We went there tonight for dinner and was wowed by their sushi. For us, it's almost as good as our #1 favorite, Tachibana (in McLean). The place is small, but has warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staffs & service are great. All in all, a great find :)

        Here we ordered (from left to right and top to bottom): Otoro, Amaebi, Trio Amigos, and Spicy crunch roll with Yellowfin.

      3. Where is Queen St? We just tried Osaka. It was okay, the best in that immediate area that we've tried and they have that half price lunch special. The people were really nice as we walked in, kind of felt like Norm in Cheers as they all said hello. My favorite so far is Arigato near Expo Design Center in Fairfax. If it weren't so far, I'd be there all the time.

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          Old Town Alexandria, about a block or two up from the river.

        2. I like Akasaka better than Osaka in the Springfield/Alexandria area. I have liked Yama sushi in Vienna as well (although haven't been in a while).

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            I haven't been to Akasaka in long time but I did like it better than Osaka. But, Osaka is a 15 minute drive for us and Akasaka is 15 minutes farther than that. Though, I wouldn't drive 15 minutes for Osaka but if I were in the area, I'd stop by. If I were going 25 minutes, I'd just go to Arigato.

          2. Asahi Kaiten in the Ballston Mall is my favorite in the area. I was initially wary of the place due is to its location but I was attracted to it because it was so immaculate. I was immediately impressed with the quality and creativity of the sushi and rolls etc. It has become my go-to for sushi as they always have the freshest uni and they take so much pride in their sushi preparation. Their tuna tartar (with chucks of avacado and apple) is one of my favorite dishes around.

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              I love kaiten sushi! my fave in DC is Sushi Go Round at Gallery Place-Chinatown. They have good cooked dishes and I like their foofy drinks. A good place for a girls night out -- then you can go to the movies or whatever after. Was disappointed by Wasabi off of 17th street.

            2. If you're this close, the best sushi isn't in NoVa, it's in DuPont Circle/Logan Circle at Sushi Taro. Don't short yourself on quality for a few miles.