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May 30, 2007 02:58 PM

Anyone Check out Restaurant at new Ivy Hotel--SD


Just took a tour of the new Ivy Hotel in downtown SD (6th and F across from Martini Ranch).....has the elegance of the renovated US Grant mixed in with the hipness of the Salomar....nice, ground floor restaurant with kobe and waigyu(sp?) beef, lamb, seafood etc. Chef was trained in London and worked in NY (Ono restaurant)....plan on going back at night where they have a killer rooftop bar (quite a bit nicer than Salomar with a much nicer panoramic view) where they will serve you bar food or any item from the menu on the ground floor restaurant.

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  1. What's it called? Definitely sounds like something that might be good to check out before it gets too crowded!

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      I've been on the rooftop for a private party- it's a nice bar, but you could have been at Solamar, Beach Bar, or Jsix. I'm too old for it.


      1. re: Alice Q

        The Ivy.

        It is a boutiquey Vegas/La-la land kind of place. Saw one of their Escalade cars driving around downtown this morning.

      2. Ate at the Ivy Hotel Restauranton May 25th. While I know it was only opened for a week at that time, I have the following comments/observations- Even with a very large staff thst was running around all over, it took 10 minutes to get a menu... and it went downhill from there. Took 11/2 hours to get our main dishes. I asked for duck-medium, it came out burnt. Thought the prices were way too high. Felt like everyone was trying too hard to give a LA/NY/Vegas "high end" experience and it just did not work that night. On the upside, management was very apologetic and comped the entire meal! I don't know if I will give it another chance.

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          I totally agree. I have noticed that a lot of the downtown restaurants are more concerned about having this "snooty" image but can't back it up with anything else. All look and no substance. We ate at the Ivy Hotel Restaurant and was really disappointed. Even the cocktails were nothing to talk about. If they are going to charge NY prices then they should have to up it 10 notches for service and quality. How about they start fixing and improving the important aspects and then develop the attitude. This goes for Stingaree too, although the food is better, cocktails, not really.

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            Supposedly Nathan Coulon from Modus and other restaurants has signed on to work there (not run the kitchen.) Hopefully he will bring his fries and simpler less pretentious food/attitude with him!

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              I have heard nothing good about the food there, so it sounds like there's no place to go but up. I'd like to go and give it a look-see though. I wonder how Modus is doing without him?

              1. re: Alice Q

                Was wondering about the same thing re: Modus myself. I hope they're doing well. I think SD needs more of those type of restaurants--neighborhood joints with good ambiance, sophisticated food, and reasonably moderate prices.

                As for the Ivy, don't go there. I had one of the worst food experiences in my life. Everything I ordered was bad--started with lobster ravioli (fishy, tough), then lamb shank--tender, but no flavor, even though it was drenched in sauce. I don't even remember what my SO had, but it was worse than mine. Service was terrible, had no food knowledge. Wine service was very condescending. The only attraction I could see is the hostesses who are very tall, very attractive, and wear some dramatic gowns. It's all wanna be Vegas hype and style, no substance.