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May 30, 2007 02:55 PM

dog friendly bars & restaurants???

I'm wondering if any dog owners on chowhound bring their pups to eat/drink with them?

The only places I know accept pooches are: American Trash (Bar) on the UES, d.b.a. in the East Village.....and Barking Dog.

anyone know the official "rules" about outdoor seating and dogs? (I remember seeing a TON of dogs outside Jackson Hole's seating area, but now they have a "NO DOGS" sign, and refused my friends 10 pound poodle......)

I have a black lab, and she's really reserved, I took her to Chipolte on 44th and she was calm as anything... even with another dog sitting at the table next to her, and with someone coming over & petting her.

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  1. We don't have a dog. When we've eaten on the outdoor patio at Tabla's Bread Bar (corner of Madison & 25th), I've seen people with dogs at other tables. But we haven't been there in quite some time, so it's possible they no longer permit that. Best to call and check.

    1. Hi all--please share your dog-friendly dining tips, but please refrain from discussion of the legality of dogs in restaurants. Legal issues are not this site's focus or expertise.

      1. Cornelia St. Cafe welcomes dogs, provides them a water bowl, and has decent brunch. Po next door has limited outside seating which is dog friendly. Usually places that do not have enclosed outdoor seating are amenable. I've seen dogs outside at most of the restaurants on Madison between 92nd and 93rd - Pescalou, Vico and Island. Also La Goulue and Bottega del Vino - excellent coffee and panini. Don't know if the full dining room menu is available outside there.

        1. The Grey Dog's Coffee on Carmine St lets you bring in your dog, however it might be tough inside with a lab if it's crowded. There's also a bench outside to sit at.

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            Did you do this recently? Cool if you did! My impression was that they hadn't allows this for quite some time, though--three years, at least.

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              I heard that I while back but then brought my dog in only after seeing others inside.... this is going back 2 years now. Lately I have only been picking up a coffee or cookie, though, and can carry my italian greyhound in. So I can"t really speak for bigger dogs.

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              I've heard that the Grey Dog used to allow dogs but then there was a mishap (someone was bitten I believe) and had to make the decision to stop allowing them from coming in.

            3. Most restaurants in Battery Park City with outdoor seating (and the majority of restaurants in this neighborhood with customers have outdoor seating) are dog friendly.