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dog friendly bars & restaurants???

I'm wondering if any dog owners on chowhound bring their pups to eat/drink with them?

The only places I know accept pooches are: American Trash (Bar) on the UES, d.b.a. in the East Village.....and Barking Dog.

anyone know the official "rules" about outdoor seating and dogs? (I remember seeing a TON of dogs outside Jackson Hole's seating area, but now they have a "NO DOGS" sign, and refused my friends 10 pound poodle......)

I have a black lab, and she's really reserved, I took her to Chipolte on 44th and she was calm as anything... even with another dog sitting at the table next to her, and with someone coming over & petting her.

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  1. We don't have a dog. When we've eaten on the outdoor patio at Tabla's Bread Bar (corner of Madison & 25th), I've seen people with dogs at other tables. But we haven't been there in quite some time, so it's possible they no longer permit that. Best to call and check.


    1. Hi all--please share your dog-friendly dining tips, but please refrain from discussion of the legality of dogs in restaurants. Legal issues are not this site's focus or expertise.

      1. Cornelia St. Cafe welcomes dogs, provides them a water bowl, and has decent brunch. Po next door has limited outside seating which is dog friendly. Usually places that do not have enclosed outdoor seating are amenable. I've seen dogs outside at most of the restaurants on Madison between 92nd and 93rd - Pescalou, Vico and Island. Also La Goulue and Bottega del Vino - excellent coffee and panini. Don't know if the full dining room menu is available outside there.

        1. The Grey Dog's Coffee on Carmine St lets you bring in your dog, however it might be tough inside with a lab if it's crowded. There's also a bench outside to sit at.

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            Did you do this recently? Cool if you did! My impression was that they hadn't allows this for quite some time, though--three years, at least.

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              I heard that I while back but then brought my dog in only after seeing others inside.... this is going back 2 years now. Lately I have only been picking up a coffee or cookie, though, and can carry my italian greyhound in. So I can"t really speak for bigger dogs.

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              I've heard that the Grey Dog used to allow dogs but then there was a mishap (someone was bitten I believe) and had to make the decision to stop allowing them from coming in.

            3. Most restaurants in Battery Park City with outdoor seating (and the majority of restaurants in this neighborhood with customers have outdoor seating) are dog friendly.

              1. FYI, nativeNYer started a *great* thread on this a few months ago. It's hard to find to find through the site's search function, so I'm posting a link:


                A lot of places in the Village and UWS will let you sneak your dog into their outdoor dining sections. On the UWS, specifically, we've done this at Cafe con Leche, Fred's and Rancho (the wait staff were a tad more reluctant, tho). I suspect that restaurants get a lot more clientelle than they lose with dog-friendly policies, when it comes to well behaved dogs. I know that my SO and I, at least, end up eating a places that we'd never otherwise set foot in.

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                  Thanks for that - funnily enough - I notice that I posted exactly the same places on that post as I did on this one. But Shake Shack is one that's not been mentioned yet and is in that thread - a good call....

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                    thanks, cimui, for posting the link. you saved me the trouble of searching for it.
                    glad cristinaemcc began a new thread as it generated additional places. as someone mentioned, i'd call first before going b/c whether or not dogs are allowed may vary day to day depending on the manager or some other factor. restaurants are often hesitant about advertising themselves as "dog-friendly" in fear that too many dogs will show up. I believe my previous post also provides a link to the DOH's regulations re outdoor dining with dogs.

                  2. Von, a wine/beer bar on Bleecker Street (just west of Bowery) allows dogs. In fact, they even have a house dog thats very docile.


                    1. Funny you should bring this up--we've been tossing around the idea of writing about eating out with dogs.

                      I do know that there are a number of places up and down 10th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen that allow dogs with their owners in the patio areas, but this is apparently up to the restaurant to allow or not. I've seen lots of canines at 44&X.


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                      1. I've sat with my Maltese outside at French Roast on 6th Avenue and 11th (?).

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                          They wouldn't let us do so unless we kept the dog outside the enclosure ....

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                            Sometimes I think these restaurants change their policies depending on the manager. Thanks for telling me. I won't be eating there again.

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                              Should add this was last summer - we went to Cornelia St. Cafe instead ...

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                            i had several very, very good experiences bringing my shih tzu to the UWS french roast. the manager was completely cool about it and brought her water without me even asking. he had to be a dog owner b/c he was so genuinely enthusiastic about my little monster. this was a year ago, though, so who knows what you'll experience this summer.

                          3. In terms of bars...Eleventh Street Bar, Double Down, and Ace Bar, are all dog friendly.

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                              That is WAY supercool. I am going drinking with my doggie this weekend. (By the way, y'all inspired me to change my avatar to a picture of my bud.)

                            2. Gavroche on West 14th between 7th and 8th welcomes dogs in their lovely garden, as does Chez Josephine on West 42nd between 9th and 10th.

                              1. Brio on 61st off Lex will let you have your dog with you at their outdoor tables. They will sometimes even bring out water and dog treats!

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                                  You mentioned Chipolte on 44th, so perhaps you're in the area - there's a place Christina's on 2nd betw. 33 & 34th. Somewhat decent Italian food with a large patio offset from the Ave that allows dogs.

                                2. Here's another bar: I've taken Nico into the Otheroom on Perry St several times. They don't even mind her up on the cushy bench!

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                                    The Soho and Tribeca Grand hotels are dog friendly, we don't have a dog but we bring our cat to brunch at the Tribeca Grand.

                                  2. We had brunch at Luzia's, a Portuguese tapas place on Amsterdam in the UWS. The food was actually pretty good and they were really nice to the pup.

                                    The Brooklyn Brewery isn't in Manhattan, of course, but that's a wonderful place to drink with dogs. The folks who work there are super dog friendly, so as long as your dog can handle a few drunken gropes or two, you'll both have a good time.

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                                      Thanks for this tip! I love the Bklyn Brewery and next time the dog will come too!

                                      Funny, I've always thought that if a restaurant has outdoor seating on the sidewalk, that dogs were welcome (although I usually keep mine outside the enclosure). I've never even thought to ask, and have never had issues.

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                                        Yeah, definitely recommended, mjps2! Drinking with dogs is such a nice way to spend a warm summer afternoon. And the Brooklyn Brewery folks were insanely nice about Julius. I had him off leash for much of the time and they were completely cool with him wandering around (supervised). There's a lot of miscellaneous food crumbs that people leave around under the tables, though, so you'll want to watch out for that if your pup has a sensitive stomach / isn't allowed certain foods.

                                    2. Fred's, Amsterdam and 82 (or something like that) is v. dog friendly, with outdoor seating, although I've never eaten there- only been for drinks.

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                                        It's not terribly good food, but honestly, I'll eat almost anywhere if they let me sit there with my pup. The waitress seemed slightly reticent a few Sunday brunches ago, and told us we should try to hide Julius under the table. (Luckily this is where he navigates to, anyway, since that's where the prime crumbs are most likely to fall -- or be slipped to him without incurring the disapprobation of his father.) Maybe they got in trouble for allowing dogs inside the inclosure recently?

                                      2. Having being certified as a NYS Food Handler, I can tell you that bars and restaurants will not allow dogs or other pets (unless seeing eye) on the premises because it's a DOH violation. The exception, i believe, is where there is an outdoor patio area. The best pet friendly ones are in the EV - I see so many dogs in that area, eating or resting alongside their owners.

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                                          the City Statute for outdoor dining with dogs can be found in Section 8125, Article 81 of the Health Code. according to the statute, restaurants can use their discretion as to whether or not they allow people to sit outside with their dogs. i think many restaurants are concerned they will lose business from their non-dog-living patrons. although i am a dog lover, i respect the fact that not everyone wants dogs hanging around when they eat. unless in paris, i've never heard of non-service dogs allowed indoors just as kayonyc mentioned above.

                                        2. If you're in the metropolitan area in the summer, take a day trip on a ferry to Fire Island. It is a beautiful island feauturing great restaurants, bars, and one amazing beach. At Ocean Beach, most of the restaurants (which are good) are dog friendly. We have a dog and found ourselves right at home.

                                          But if you want to stay in Manhattan... go to www.dogfriendly.com

                                          1. We've taken our puppy a couple of times to Fiorello's, on Broadway near 62nd. The food's great, and they've never complained as long as there was seating available along the perimeter of the patio. The waitress even brought a dish of water for her when it was hot. But our girl's pretty small (around 5 pounds), so I can't speak for bigger dogs. I've also seen other small dogs there with their owners.