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May 30, 2007 02:55 PM

Antioch Breakfest

Driving to Gold Country from Berkeley and thought any suggestions for Breakfest in Antioch- Seemed a convinent place to stop .....also Rio Vista??

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  1. I saw your other post on the CA board, I guess your route is 24 to 160 to 12 to 99 to 88.

    This may get moved to the CA board, but for Rio Vista, the Point has Sunday Brunch and is on the river, the Striper Cafe on Main is a small coffee shop. Henry's (may have been renamed to Shelby's) is a larger coffee shop on highway 12, I often eat breakfast at Henry's. Maria's next to Shelby's (old) Drive Inn is a Mexican Style Restaurant, I enjoy their menudo, but they haven't been open the last few times I have been up there and I didn't see their an ad in the local newspaper.

    Shelby used to work at Henry's, she purchased the Drive-In down the street from Henrys, then she sold the Drive-In and purchased Henry's. The same family who owns the Point used to own Henry's.

    Have a safe trip, 160 and 12 are undivided two lane highways.

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    1. re: Alan408

      Thanks you... are correct-except 80 to 4 to 160 to 12 to 99 to 88 to 49(Jackson)
      Was looking to stop for Breakfest(this Friday AM) about an hour out but nothing seems anything but mediocre
      Maybe just eat in Berkeley
      Thanks for your help

      1. re: mustardgirl

        In Vacaville ... downtown ... there are a few places if you head toward Main and Merchant Street. I think the place I liked was Heritage Cafe which is an old-time coffee shop.

        The Nut Tree reopened. Don't know what is there but it might be worth exploring.

        Here's a link to the California Board for Little Prague which I've been dying ot go to.

        1. re: rworange

          Did not mean to say anxiou poor choice of words

          1. re: mustardgirl

            No problem. I just saw '80' and gold country and connected the dots to the route I'd drive to get there.

            Haven't been there but I read that Sylvia's Country Kitchen is good. If you enter that in Google and Antioch there are a number of positive mentions across a few review sites.

            2799 Lone Tree Way
            Antioch, CA 94531

            Don't know the current status of Buzz Inn which was put up for sale in March

            Looks like the son took over. Don't know if that is good or bad

            If you are looking for a 900 Grayson type of place in the area, that isn't going to happen. There are a few places up to that hwy 4 cutoff on 80, but none that are above mom and pop type of places like the Red Onion in Pinole.

            Along that line is Bridgehead Cafe whose menu looks a little Denny's like ... that being said, I have to keep their all-you-can-eat clam night. Even if they are clam strips ... that might be a deal if they are decent.