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May 30, 2007 02:33 PM

Manhattan Beach eats/drinks open late?

Flying into LAX on a Friday around 10pm. After picking up our rental car and checking into our hotel in Manhattan Beach, what would be a good place to get some food and drinks? Something not too far away, good food and atmosphere, open to any type of cuisine. Not sure how many options we'll have at that hour - any suggestions? Thanks everyone!

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  1. Couple of options.

    For nicer drinks, check out Shade Hotel's bar.

    There are alot of restaurants that will still be serving food around Manhattan Beach Blvd.

    The Kettle is 24/7 and makes alot of things very good. I'm addicted to their Blue-Cheese Burger, and friends love their chicken fingers (home made masterpieces).

    There is a pizza place all the way down on the block next to the pier that makes really good pizza.

    The nicer options for food- Avenue, Town, or Michi are worth looking up, but I feel they probably wouldn't still be serving past 10.

    Good luck.

    Lastly, one bar to check out is Side Door -

    Usually a good mix of people and great drinks, many South Bayers favorite

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      Michi closed their doors last Friday. The spot is being taken over by the Shade/Rock 'n Fish people. Last Wed. I had dinner at 8:30 at Avenue. We were the last ones in, sat at the bar, and there was only one table finishing up when we got there. I was pretty surprised. The food was still amazing as always. I think the South Bay just goes to bed really early. The good news is everything is walking distance, so you can check out what looks interesting and happening.

      1. re: Rizza

        Wow, I knew Michi sold, but I didn't know they had plans to close it so soon, thanks for the info.

    2. Greasy Mexican Food- El Tarasco on Rosecrans and that street by the ocean (vista del mar? highland? keeps on changing names!) is open past 2am i think. CHEAP....i like their taquitos which are all mashed together in an aluminum container with beans, rice and cheese..nuked. ZERO atmosphere though.

      Its a college-y type crowd, but I really enjoy Sharkeez for food and drinks. Typical bar food, their nachos are AWESOME though.....also love their tiki tenders (chicken on a stick) and burritos. Drinks are cheap and large.

      The Kettle is a nice 24 option for "upscale dennys" (but not that upscale). I like their Zuchini sticks and their French Quarter burger (on sourdough).

      they have a few bars with bar food around there...henessey's or the sharks cove, neither or which are really that great.....