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May 30, 2007 02:23 PM

ChowHound Picks for South Shore???

Live on South Shore but really oriented towards Bos and Prov for restaurants. Looking for a good half way meeting spot to catch up with some friends from Plymouth mid week next week.. We will be heading from Brockton. Would like casual spot with good food, moderate prices where we will not be rushed. Figuring someplace on a arc from Marshfield/Pembroke off of Rt 3 to Middleborro at Rt 44/495 area would be good half way for both of us. Thought of Boca in Pembroke but have never been there. Any thoughts on there and any other suggestions will be appreciated. As always Chowhounds will come up with some great suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Never been myself, but I've heard good things about Sun Tavern on the Duxbury/Kingston line

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      We've had some good meals at Embers on Rte 139 heading toward Marshfield.

    2. How about Jake's in Hull?
      50 George Washington Blvd
      Hull, MA 02045
      (781) 925-1024

      They've always been very nice to us, and if you go in the middle of the week, they won't rush you out. A little different on the weekends but I love Jake's.

      1. I really like Siam Cuisine in Hanover (I think). Lots of Americanized Thai, sure, but some interesting specials and I've always found the quality to be really high. Ask the server what to order.

        I forget the name of the Mexican/Cuban place in Marshfield/Pembroke as well, some dishes were hit, some were miss. I'd try it again, but won't go running back.

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          Are you thinking of Los Palmas de Cuba? We found out a few weeks ago that they were closed :-\

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            yes, that was it. Wow. It was a BIG space but I'm surprised they closed so quickly.

        2. Squires in Hanover is very casual, and their food is really tasty - excellent burgers and steaks. If you want something a bit more upscale, perhaps Strawberry Fair in Norwell would be a good choice. I've never been disappointed there (although it's been a while since I've visited).

          1. Both Sun Tavern and Embers are on the pricey side - Sun Tavern is in a great old building with little rooms to dine in not very casual and Embers seems to try hard with having a different menu. Solstice heading on 3a in Kingstown is very good (sort of like Tosca for style of food), but again a little $. - this is on 53 in Pembroke this guy has 4 restaurants in the area all with similar menus moderate $ with above average food. There is Christina's a little futher down 53 past the Bloomin place on the left. Venus 2 in Marshfield has revamped the place with flat screens and granite bar - further down you can eat outside across form the ocean at The Fairview Inn