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Greek/Middle Eastern in NoVA

I'm jonesing for some great tzatziki or shwarma in Northern Virginia. I'm in Annandale, but am willing to travel a bit. Any suggestions?

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  1. I think you want the Lebanese Butcher- search it on here :)

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      Especially for schawarma, I second LB. You can see the schawarma - it's done with real, identifiable pieces of meat.

      Tried the Soujouk this past Saturday - Outstanding! The Mekanek was a bit underwhelming. You can get both to cook at home in the market.

    2. Tavernal Cretekou in Old Town is a nice family owned and operated place with a nice patio too!

      1. The Amphora in Vienna!! It's more like Greek diner food, but it's good, has been there forever and is open 24-hours.

        1. Try Skorpios in Vienna, on the left before you get to Amphora. It's much better.

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            I completely agree with Skorpios over Amphora. I was so happy when they finally opened up the bigger dining area.

          2. My favorite is Cedar Cafe in Burke. Aladdin's is good for a quick, cheap bite. It's in Shirlington and Burke but I mostly go to the Burke one. I love the schwarma at Cedar Cafe. The hummus is really good at both. I always get the garlic puree at Cedar Cafe.

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              Best gyro in the area is at Atlantis Cafe in the Bradlee Center just off 395 and King St. Really good souvlaki. There house dressing is incredible.

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                Atlantis is a great deal. They have a lot of dishes. I think they are expanding.

            2. I really like the Pita House on Cameron street in Old Town - schwarma with yummy garlic sauce and soujok are my favorites there. Haven't been to the Lebanese Butcher yet, but it is now on my 'must go soon' list due to all the recent posts.

              Also, I love sitting out on the patio at Taverna Cretekou this time of year. I have a feeling there is probably superior Greek food in the area, but it's just so wonderful to sit out there that I find it hard to go anywhere else (aside from gyros in which case I love that Greek takeout place on 19th street in DC).

              1. I heart the Lebanese Taverna chain, especially for shwarma.


                Not quite sure which is closest to you.

                1. Thanks Everyone! I ended up at Lebanese Butcher and was pretty happy with my meal (and the leftovers) but I look forward to trying all the other suggestions.