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May 30, 2007 02:05 PM

Gas stoves 36 inch

Buying a stoveless house got a hole where 36 gas stove was. I would like to stay in the $3000 to $3500 price range was leaning tward a BERTAZZONI but just got confirmation that oven will not go below 275f kinda strange.

Any Suggestions


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  1. I can't think of anything that needs to be baked below 275, so that does not concern me too much, unless you dehydrate a lot of fruit or something...

    More of a question than anything, but $3000 is a lot of money. Do you know anybody who has a range like this one? It may work fine, but I am always reluctant to see someone spend a lot of money on an item that is not widely distributed. Is the showroom where you are thinking of buying this capable of allowing you to cook on the stove? How long have they been selling this stove? I suppose there is nothing wrong with falling in love with a stove for looks alone, and these certainly are handsome, but I would hate to hear that you are disappointed in it is performance or reliability...

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    1. re: renov8r

      Thank yes waiting for name of people that have the stove before I buy. Just make baked beans over the weekend 7 hrs at 250f confet chicken goes for 10hrs at 200f and time you just want to keep things warm...


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        I cook stuff low and slow in my oven all the time at 225. I would never buy an oven that wouldn't heat below 275F.

        1. re: flourgirl

          I was really thinking more of "baked goods" or other foods that I bake/roast in the dry heat of an oven.

          I imagine your low & slow cookery is more like what I'd do on a smoker, a Dutch Oven or even a "crock pot" where the extended low temperatures would need to be accompanied with moist heat. Though I am curious if perhaps I am overlooking something -- What sorts of things do you prepare at the low temps?

          BTW -- I half wonder if the appliance dealers like these sorts of "problems" as it gives them more reason to sell "warming ovens" and other add-on appliances...

          1. re: renov8r

            I don't have a smoker and sometimes the things that I am cooking are not appropriate/too large for appliances such as dutch ovens or crock pots. One example is that I slow cook rib racks in the oven and finish them on the grill.

            And this isn't a problem. My oven goes down to 170F. (And anybody who knows me knows that I am not easily sold on anything, much less additional appliances that I can easily do without. I have better things to do with that extra cash.)

            1. re: flourgirl

              the "problem" is that the Bertazonni costs as much as used car but the dealer would happily need to sell a warming oven to get the functionality that you have...

              1. re: renov8r

                Sorry about that - I didn't read that right. And yes, that's exactly how I feel. I don't feel it's necessary to spend as much on an oven/range as a used car. (Although I will admit to casting covetous eyes now and then..) And somehow I have managed for 15 years of married life to get by without warming drawers.

      2. I love my Thermadore. It has 4 burner and a lava rock grill in the middle. The oven and broiler have total temperature control. The oven goes up to 600 and down to 180.

        It now sells for around $6000 . The hood and the exhaust pipe are extra.

        Keep in mind when you make a lifetime investment like this. They are built to last, and perform beautifully. But the repairs can be very expensive. Someone turned the oven know and broke off the stem....$500 to repair.

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        1. re: Fleur

          Sounds great but too $$ right now big step up for me would be a 5 star at around $4300.


        2. Dacor is what most chefs use at home. All of the Wolf and Viking homes I have been in have very shinny kitchens with well polished copper pots. I think Dacor is a huge bang-for-the-buck.

          1. I have a Blue Star. It might surpass your budget but I've found it to be the best stove I ever used. It inspired my wife to cook on it, which is saying something. The url is , so yuou might want to check it out, Had it for over a year and it works flawlessly. Very hot 22,000 btu burners (two) and very even oven.

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            1. re: EclecticEater

              I believe Blue Star is the old Garland "home" range. We purchased the Garland 30" eight years ago when we remodeled. It was one of the last home models they made. It has been mostly flawless. Have replaced the oven ignitor one time but that's it. The burners are great. One plus is you can take out the grate and a wok fits perfectly for excellent stir frying.

              1. re: rtmonty

                Yes, BlueStar is the old Garland "home" range, to the best of my knowledge.

              2. re: EclecticEater

                I still have my Blue Star and have no problems with it in over two tears. I notice Renwes the competitor to Pacific Sales is now selling them. They have a nice big oven for baking and the two 22,000 btu burners will cook things swiftly when desired. I and my wife love that range.

              3. Thanks for all the advise going shopping soon!