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May 30, 2007 01:53 PM

What do you almost never go out for?

A food writer friend asked me recently where the good fried chicken places are in the area. I was stumped. Running late and tired I might pick up a box at the grocery but to go to a restaurant for fried chicken is something that I just would not do. My mother had me assisting with the fried chicken every Sunday since I could reach the stove. So what about you all?

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  1. In an attempt to keep my weight under control. what I've been trying to do is only eat out when I REALLY want something I can't make at home. So, I too am also used to making fried chicken at home. Yeah, it's messy, and it takes some planning. That means that I REALLY want it :).....

    In general, I also don't tend to eat out for breakfast a lot. Pancakes, egg dishes in general, sausage, French toast.....too often, the mark-up on these breakfast dishes is pretty high, and (IMVHO) restaurant versions don't taste significantly better than my own. Plus, they're often laden with a lot of extra, calories, fat and sugar that I just don't think is necessary for the dish to taste good.

    Don't get me wrong, when I eat out, I will splurge on things that are worth it to me. But only when it tastes like it's worth it Besides, my self-inflicted challenge has helped me become a better and more adventurous cook!

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      I will never order (or go out for) lobster, and I live in New England. It's just too messy and too much work cracking and trying to keep clean while doing it.. I enjoy lobster but would rather cook it myself and eat it at home.

      1. re: AnneM

        Me too! There's a silly mark-up, since boiling lobster is the easiest kitchen task. My grandmother always said that you should eat you lobster in the privacy of your own backyard "where you can dip your elbows in the butter."

        1. re: thinks too much

          I was going to say the same thing about Dungeness crab, but then I realized that it is only in 'California' restaurants that I don't often order it, probably because the very simple prep is one I can do at home just as well. I do order it regularly in Asian (Chinese and Vietnamese) restaurants in season, for preps (salt and pepper crab, Vietnamese with garlic, etc) that I don't do at home...

          1. re: susancinsf

            Not only CA restaurants, think Oregon where it's probably more prevalent off the coast here. It's a pain to eat in public though, so I never order it out.

            1. re: archangelcat

              I too don't go out for wither Lobster or Crab. Living on the BC coast I will never order lobster because it's not fresh. However when I vacation on the Cape I eat as much of it as I can LOL. And as to never ordering DUngeness here I waaaay prefer to prep them myself, invite the girls over, spread a garbage bag on the floor followed by some newspapers, pour wine into tumblers, throw on a movie and just dump all the crabs in the middle and let everyone go to town :)
              Way more fun and with the garbage bag as the bottom clean up is a snap!

              1. re: starlady

                Great idea with the garbage you clean them in addition to what they do at the fish market? or heat them up and serve with butter like I do? I'm a midwesterner originally so I'm still getting the hang of the ocean treats. Agree about the lobster! Once in my hometown of Sioux Falls, SD, they offered "live" lobster at the local supermarket, and they were presented in the meat case shrink-wrapped on a styrofoam tray, like hamburger and they were still kind of moving and struggling. aargh...

                1. re: archangelcat

                  awww poor lobster!

                  I just steam the suckers and serve with butter. Some times I'll make a couple kinds of butter and everyone can try all the flavours :)
                  Fave flavours:
                  Garlic (duh)
                  Citrus butter (lemon lime and orange some times Pomelo)
                  Herb butter

                  1. re: starlady

                    hey starlady, thanks for the butter ideas...I love chili lime butter on corn on the cob too,,,best part of summer, so are you referring to Dungeness that comes straight out of the ocean or the kind that is supposedly cooked (steamed) and cleaned at the market and you are just kind of reheating it?

                    1. re: archangelcat

                      Fresh out of the ocean :) God I love living in Vancouver!

                  2. re: starlady

                    I dont even like crab but I'd love an invite to that next party. I promise I'll throw one when you're vacationing on the Cape ! : - )

        2. I very rarely order mussels in a restaurant, since they're so inexpensive and easy to prepare at home. We tend to avoid steakhouses and will grill a nice steak at home if that's what we want.

          1. I don't think there is really anything off-limits for me when I go out.

            Part of going out to eat, at least for me, is the entire experience, e.g. being served, atmosphere, etc.

            1. We pretty much never eat out Italian. I make some great dishes at home. However, I will make an exception to try a new place that's gotten rave reviews from people I trust.

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              1. re: mojoeater

                I rarely order chicken of any kind when I go out. Always try and order something that I wouldn't be able to make at home, or at least not without a lot of time and effort.

              2. For me it is "italian" food. The meatballs, red sauce, spagetti type stuff. Even pizza I see as only a take-home item, fast food.

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                1. re: Quine

                  I agree generally with italian food. Rarely order this out. And we do get delivery pizza. But once pizza has been put in that cardboard box it steams and the crust is ruined. When I have a hankering for really delicious pizza we go to a 60 year old place nearby that has coal burning ovens. The pizza is amazing. And has to be eaten right out of the oven to be truly appreciated.