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May 30, 2007 01:42 PM

Origami Ridgedale VS. Origami MPLS

I'm a Fuji-Ya regular but heard Origami was better. Is there a difference between the two locations. I will order omikase and will be at a table not the bar. Are the better chefs at the MPLS location? Also is there a set price for Omikase or do you set the Price? Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have. I can't answer all your questions, but I haven't really noticed much of a difference between the two locations. Both are very good.

    2. For Omikase, you set the price - or at least I have.

      I'm sure that if you didn't set a price, they'd set one for you, but I have no idea what that might be (and my wallet is scared to find out!)

      1. I was a big Origami fan until this past weekend. I asked the waitress not to include any octopus in my order. She charged me nearly 2 dollars to do so. Without telling me what, if anything was substituted on the plate. That was almost a 10% surcharge. The atmosphere can be a bit stuffy for my taste sometimes. I was ok with that because of the good food. I was so upset by the unexplained charge that I am not sure I will go back.

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          I think Origami has some of the better sushi in town and was sorry to hear about the random charge that you had.

          If you like the food but were put off by the charge, it might be worth making a call to the manager of the restaurant. I don't know if you care about the $2, but my guess is that (a) the restaurant would really like to hear about the problem and (b) will try to make it up to you. Although I'm not in the business, I would expect that no restaurant would want to lose a customer (and suffer negative word of mouth) over $2.

          Of course, if you don't particularly care about going back to Origami, you may not want to take the time.

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            I had a similiar experience quite a few years ago. My experience was that I placed an order to go and they tacked on a 20% chef tip onto the bill. Needless to day, I haven't returned since.

            1. re: bluesman13

              Before I write a review or make judgement on Origami west I want to ask the boards opinion on my first Omakase experience. When I ordered I told the waitress it was my birthday dinner and I wanted the omakase to be adventurous. I set a price of $45. The first plate was all special rolls. Around 10 rolls of a cucumber wrapped with various things with salsa on top...I believe it was called salsa dynamite? There was also around 8 or so rolls of something with a barbecue like red sauce on top. I'm not sure what was inside because the red sauce over powered it. after the first plate they brought out a second plate with all nigiri-Unagi-eel, ika-squid, some kind of mackeral-saba?, maguro-tuna, and one more I can't remember...5 pieces of nigiri in all. My question to you is....Is this adventurous and worth $45?

              1. re: dave43

                I posted in your other thread and it was, of course, unceremoniously yanked so here is the distilled version:

                Speaking for myself, I only order omakase from places where I know the chef and the chef knows me (downtown origami/sushi tango) so that he is aware of what my adventure level is (I'll eat anything). If your meal included the chef's specialty rolls (yo yo maki etc), $45 sounds about right since those are $15-$17 per roll. If it was just caterpillar and spicy tuna rolls however, that sounds a bit steep. Did you ask them to be adventurous with their selections? From a customer service perspective, it would be in their best interest to play it safe if they don't know your taste.

                On the bright side, downtown Origami had young yellowfin, big eye, bluefin and bluefin toro Friday night. I know I'm not supposed to eat these fish but they are too great a temptation to avoid.

                I would debate that downtown is not worth the trip, but I have never eaten at the suburban Origami. If it is as good and has the same special selections (blue fin, toro, otoro, jutoro, etc), I wouldn't see a reason to drive to MPLS.

          2. We have had wonderful customer service at the Origami downtown, but the food is just okay. We would not make a special trip there for the food.

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            1. re: MIKELOCK34

              After reading the previous post it made me think it was more my fault then the Itamae-san's. I should of been at the bar (my 1 year old prevent's that) also I was looking to be adventurous with the fish/seafish...looking for more special items like otoro, uni, etc. I should have specified this.

              Beyond that... I came in a party of 5. My mother got the Filet mignon which she ordered medium rare and came medium done. My mom is too nice...we had to force her to ask them to take it back. It came back perfectly cooked but was the first filet I have ever had that was grisly. It was horrible...My mom didn't even eat half. The other member's of our party got the deluxe sushi sampler. Everyone liked it but still preferred Fuji-Ya. I thought the freshness and taste of the fish/shellfish at Origami was top notch. The pieces I ordered seperate from my Omakase and the pieces I shared were great. I normally don't like Tamago but it was good...light, not chewy like bad Tamago. The Uni was great-I tasted the ocean. The Unagi wasn't overcooked and smothered with too much sauce like you usually find. The other fish was fresh and the sushi rice was done right. Don't get me wrong, the rolls I had were good but just too many of the same thing. Like I said before the rolls with the barbecue like sauce (which may be plum sauce) were a little overpowering. Next time I go I will get a babysitter and sit at the bar and ask what was flown in fresh.

            2. My experiences at the Ridgedale location have always had spotty service. This weekend, the poor service reached new heights. We called ahead and put our name on the list for a table. We were told that they would call when a table was available. After walking around the mall for a while, we strolled in to find the place pretty empty, and were seated immediately. (They never called!)

              After we were seated, our waiter didn't show up for about 10 minutes. He came with an apology that they had a shift change, and he didn't realize that our table was his.

              There were three of us - one person ordered off the menu, while the other two from the sushi bar. While I don't expect the timing to be perfect in these situations, it was TERRIBLE. We sat and watched the person who ordered off the menu eat, while waiting for our sushi to arrive. They had completely finished their meal by the time our sushi arrived (and that was eating slowly.) That left two of us watching one person eat - and then that person watching the other two eat.

              Our server again apologized for the poor service, and asked if we eat there often. When we said, "We've been here a few times." he simply said okay and walked away. Maybe if we'd said it was our first time, he would have offered a free desert?

              Downtown, I've only sat at the sushi bar (and ordered off the sushi menu) but our experience has always seemed better.

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              1. re: Danny

                I agree the service is horrible there. You would think if you were wait staff at a sushi resturant you would be able to identify basic items. Our waitress woudn't have known a fish if it had slapped her in the face. We expressed our dissapointment to her about certain aspects of the meal and service and she just shrugged her shoulders (She could care less because her 18% tip of well over $300 had already been added. I wonder if her response had been different if the tip wasn't included)

                Is it rude to bring a 1 year old to sit at the sushi bar?...maybe on the end where they wouldn't fill a spot?

                1. re: dave43

                  Man that it a tough question. I don't have kids yet, but I'd like to think when I do I'll be able to bring them to sit at the bar with us and eat whatever we're eating and not cry or be loud or otherwise disturb other diners, but I have 2 and 4 year old nieces and have been out to eat with them and I know this is not likely.

                  Perhaps it's a romantic notion, but I'd like to imagine a chef having fun with it; making some playful food for a kid were they to have a taste for sushi, but the logistics of child wrangling and the formality of the process might be more incompatible than can be overcome.

                  1. re: Foureyes137

                    Since we're on a of my favorite omakase experiences at Origami (downtown) was sitting at the bar next to a couple with their very young (4-5 y.o.?) daughter. The chef was most certainly enjoying it and was dishing out some custom-made kid food (they were NOT having omakase...this was above and beyond).

                    I would not personally bring my 8 month-old and sit at the bar at Origami downtown -- there just isn't enough room unless you cram down to the right hand side. On a slower night, I think my 5 y.o. and 3 y.o. would have a blast at a sushi bar.

                    Lastly, to the price for omakase locally, if I expect anything decent/adventurous, I budget around $100 including generous tip and drink. Omakase is a special occasion only meal for me.