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For our weekend cookout, I was thinking the best dessert idea is cupcakes. Ina's Chocolate and Peanut Butter ones are highly under consideration. Has anyone made these and can you vouch for them?

Got any other great and interesting cupcake recipes?

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  1. I've made cupcakes out of the Chocolate Stout Cake recipe on epicurious that were very popular (and pretty). I also make Ina's outrageous brownie recipe into bite size brownies using my mini muffin pan. other cupcakes that i love and make frequently:
    red velvet
    yellow cake with the epicurious chocolate caramel frosting recipe
    ina's coconut cupcakes

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    1. re: LAcupcake

      I love that chocolate stout cake. When you make it as cupcakes, what is the timing? Anything else different you need to worry about?

      1. re: LulusMom

        The first thing to worry about is getting rid of them... since this is a HUGE cake it makes a TON of cupcakes (I think last time I had nearly 50). Of course with a muffin tin vs. 9 inch rounds you have to cut down the bake time. I have a vintage oven that has great even heat but runs a bit hotter than others so i usually am always on the low end of timing estimates. I start watching them around 18 minutes or so (it also is going to depend on how full you fill your cups). Otherwise everything is the same!

        1. re: LAcupcake

          Thanks so much ... I like the idea of these, simply because they're easier to share this way. But 50 is an awful lot of cupcakes isn't it? But thank you so much, I'll probably try this in the next couple of weeks.

    2. I know there's more than one person out there with a good cupcake recipe. Help me out!

      And really, no one has tried Barefoot Contessa's chocolate cupcakes with PB frosting?

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        No recipes - I just use cake batter.

        However - maybe you could fill them with something? jelly, choc, whipped cream, caramel.... that might be a fun twist.

        1. re: laurendlewis

          Maybe I'll try that. I wonder how hard it is to fill a cupcake without making a giant mess...

          1. re: QueenB

            Do you have a large pastry tip? You can drop into the corner of a baggie...

            1. re: chef chicklet

              I sure do. I was just curious about the filling making the cupcake explode, because really, a cupcake is dense, with no room for filling, unlike a donut or cream puff.
              I guess the best way to find out is to try it! If they start exploding, then I'll maybe try to core out a bit and put the filling in there.

              1. re: QueenB

                I've filled them w/out trouble. You don't need much--just a squirt. I'll make fake Hostess cupcakes, fill (next time I'm trying that Red Velvet Cake recipe frosting w/ the boiled frosting) them w/ the pastry tip, cover the top w/ a thinned chocolate ganache, make the swirl w/ white chocolate for school functions.

                1. re: QueenB

                  Not the same, but a nice alternative to filling is to cut out a little cone from the top of the cupcake with a small sharp knife (steak knife works well) --the cone diameter a little smaller than the cake. Fill the cone shaped hole with whipped cream or other fluffy frosting, then press the cone back into the frosting; needs little other icing other than perhaps a dusting of 10X, or drizzle a little chocolate or berry syrup.

          2. re: QueenB

            My favorite recipe has always been for Black Bottom Cupcakes, a mixture of rich chocolate batter, cream cheese and chocolate chips. It has been my go-to recipe for years.

            1. re: pilotgirl210

              Yes, my favorite chocolate cupcake is black bottom. I like the one from Rosie's Bakery book, but the linked recipe by David Lebovitz looks just as good.


              If you're interested in carrot cake cupcakes, then below is a link to my first try at carrot cake. I think this would convert very nicely to domed cupcakes.


              Please report back on what you make!

              1. re: Carb Lover

                Thanx for the carrot cake recipe, Carb Lover. My schedule is beyond full this weekend, but next weekend.....

                I have to agree with someone who posted on this thread that I think I like cupcakes so much because they remain nice and moist for a number of days after they're baked, unlike a layered cake. And I will definitely do a traditional cream cheese frosting. What is carrot cake without cream cheese?? Which frosting do you use on your black bottom cupcakes? Just curious.

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                  I don't ice black bottom cupcakes. The are pretty rich as it is that the cream cheese center satisfies my icing needs. I think I'll make carrot cake cupcakes soon too and will report back...

                  1. re: Carb Lover

                    I'm thinking of making the carrot cake cupcakes w/ the cream cheese filling from the black bottom cupcakes.

                    1. re: chowser

                      Hmmmmmm. Now there's a yummy idea!!

                2. re: Carb Lover

                  The Leite's Culinaria blck bottom cupcakes are to die for. i have probably made them three or four times just in the past few months. Super scrumptious straight out of the oven or re-heated slightly, though they are still good at room temp. I make them with fat free cream cheese to no ill effect.

                  1. re: Carb Lover

                    I made the black bottom cupcakes tonight - they did not disappoint, delicious tender cake and they look nice too! Thanks for the link.

              2. I don't get the whole cupcake craze. I'd rather have a slice of a layer cake than a cupcake any day.

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                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  Thanks, that's helpful.

                  I like cupcakes and I wanted to make them for this party. So, I thought I'd ask for ideas.

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                    i love the coconut cupcakes that ina makes. I have not had the pb ones - but i bet they are good, if ina's. i always wanted to dye the coconut different colours but haven't tried that yet. ;)

                    1. re: QueenB

                      I love devils food cupcakes and call me old fashioned but most of the Magnolia bakery cupcakes in their book are just truly delicious.
                      I love simple fresh falvours like vanilla and Lemon butter cream.
                      a while ago I had the most amazing filled cupcream - it was a vanilla sponge filled with fresh raspberry jam. The frosting was vanilla buttercream with fresh cocnut topping.
                      It was the most delightful thing ever.
                      I haven't been able to get my hands on the recipe yet but am on a mission to get it and share it here!

                  2. Just made Paula Deen's Red Velvet cupcakes this weekend with cream cheese frosting for a cookout. Everyone raved and they were very very tasty. You can find the recipe by searching on Food Network's website. Eater beware though....these are definitely NOT figure friendly.

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                    1. re: ashes

                      White cupcakes - I call them Wedding Cake Cupcakes are a huge hit too. They're not what most people expect that what makes them a treat. Any good cookbook will have a good wedding cake recipe.

                      1. re: ashes

                        You know, I've never had Red Velvet cake before, and it's something I definitely have to try.

                      2. I recently made Ina Garten's double-chocolate cake into cupcakes (cake recipe below). They were awesome. The batter is extremely easy to put together, which is nice because cupcakes are an extra pain. I'm about to make cupcakes again, and I was going to do the same recipe, but my interest is piqued with your mention of her Chocolate and Peanut Butter ones. Do you have a recipe?


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                        1. re: lora

                          Here's the recipe

                          By the way, I love that double chocolate cake of hers. I had it as my birthday cake this year. So good.

                          1. re: QueenB

                            It's a great recipe!
                            I made it over the weekend with a cream cheese and orange frosting. Chocolate and orange mmmmm
                            The Memorial Day crowd went wild - my husband said he loved me!

                        2. I am about to get started on a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, but you could make cupcakes or....
                          How about a dark chocolate cupcake with marshmellow creme center topped with a banana cream cream frosting or fudge frosting?
                          or a Boston Cream cupcake?

                          Do you have a favorite flavor?

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                          1. re: chef chicklet

                            I love raspberry and lemon and chocolate and cream cheese and...well...gosh, I guess I'm not that picky!

                            I had also thought about a vanilla cupcake with dulce de leche filling and chocolate frosting...

                              1. re: QueenB

                                yellow or white cake? swirl the d.d.l.? would that work?

                                1. re: chef chicklet

                                  Probably white, with vanilla bean. I think I'll try this next time I make cupcakes (and have more time to make dulce).
                                  My instinct says to go for two kinds...choc/peanut butter and red velvet. I'd do more, but I'm crunched for time. Maybe I can make a basic sour cream chocolate cupcake, then two or three different toppings...hmmmm...

                            1. I set out to make just this kind of cupcake last week. I generally love all of Ina's recipes but after reading some reviews on foodnetwork.com that they were dry, I decided to use a recipe from my cookbook, Cupcakes! (by Elinor Klivans) for sour cream chocolate cupcakes. The recipe is easy and it produced light and moist cupcakes. Let me know if you would like the recipe. I do like Ina's recipe for the peanut butter frosting- nice and light.

                              Another delicious, fun option: I have been making Paula Deens red velvet cupcakes a lot recently and they have been getting RAVE reviews. I have had two people tell me they are the best cupcakes they have ever had. The best part- they are the easiest cupcakes that I have ever put together.

                              Good luck!

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                              1. re: JAC13

                                Ok, you guys are killing me with the Red Velvet cupcakes. What does red velvet cake taste like? I may have to make these out of sheer lust.

                                And I would love your recipe for sour cream chocolate cupcakes. Thanks!

                                1. re: QueenB

                                  Red velvet tastes like a light chocolate cake (which it is... it has a few Tbs of cocoa powder in the batter) but it's really smooth and fluffy bc it is most often made with cake flour. some people like cream cheese frosting on them (it sounds like you would since you listed it as a favorite flavor) and other people use a seven minute/marshmallow type frosting. you can top them with all sorts of things: toasted coconut, pecans, sprinkles, etc. I like to put a single red hot on top of each one. it makes them really uniform and cute. i also use the paula deen red velvet recipe for my cupcakes. it's so easy and fairly forgiving.

                                  1. re: LAcupcake

                                    I made the Paula Deen ones with regular white flour and they were still fluffy and great.

                                    1. re: LAcupcake

                                      Has anyone successfully halved Paula's RV cupcake recipe? The recipe makes 24 cupcakes, but I'd like to only do 12, considering I'm going to make a batch of the chocolate as well.
                                      It definitely look do-able...just wondering if anyone has.

                                      1. re: QueenB

                                        QueenB -
                                        I am making these RV's right now - in the oven as I post ....I got inspired when I read this thread yesterday! I made the whole batch, but as you said there shouldn't be any issue with halving, however, I will say that I used 1/2 the amount of red food coloring - I think 2T is outrageous....1T was plenty, IMHO. I made mine as jumbo cupcakes in texas muffin pans...so....we'll see how they turn out - must say, the batter tastes great! :)

                                    2. re: QueenB

                                      They make Red Velvet Cake in a box too if you want to cheat. It's basically chocolate cake with red food coloring. I think it's more of a "visually striking" thing than a taste thing, since it doesn't taste any different than chocolate cake. I've always seen it w/ Cream Cheese frosting, but I did come across a recipe for Red Velvet Cheesecake that has a white ganache covering. Beautiful! I was at a party that had Italian Cream Cake cupcakes. Maybe you should do an assortment! Or if it's about the decorating, Semi-Homemade Sandra Lee/Food Network did a fun thing with swirls of color in white batter and then swirls of color in the white frosting that looked like tie-dye or marbleing.

                                      BTW Hungry Celeste - the two people I know who always want cupcakes instead of cake on their bdays say it's because cupcakes are always moist, while cake can be dry. I say they've just had bad cake :) Also, there is a place in Dallas now that sells cupcakes for something like $40 a dozen. And that's it. Just cupcakes. And the line is down the street......

                                      1. re: chefshelley

                                        Yep, bought a dozen today...3rd time...DELICIOUS! and they're $36/dozen...Worth it to me...the lines have gotten shorter...think they're only long on the weekends...My favorite is still Magnolia's in NY, though...

                                      2. re: QueenB

                                        Most people think that red velvet is simply chocolate cake dyed with food coloring and indeed, many people do make it that way. I am not sure that is actually correct, however. Paula Deen's recipe is really a buttermilk cake flavored with a teaspoon of cocoa powder. Unless you know its there, you really don't taste very much chocolate (you can always add more if you'd like to taste more but I suggest trying it her way first because it is so good). I read somewhere that traditionally, red velvet was frosted with vanilla icing but nowadays, cream cheese seems to be the way to go. I pipe the icing on with a star tip- that combined with the contrast between the very red cupcakes and the very white fosting makes for a very dramatic presentation.

                                        Now for the sour cream chocolate cupcake recipe:
                                        Makes 18 cupcakes

                                        3 ounces unsweetened chocolate, chooped
                                        1 cup AP flour
                                        1/2 tsp. baking powder
                                        1/2 tsp. baking soda
                                        1/4 tsp. salt
                                        1 stick unsalted butter (room temp.)
                                        1 1/4 cups sugar
                                        2 eggs (calls for large but I always use xtra large)
                                        t tsp. vanilla extract
                                        1/2 cup sour cream
                                        1/2 cup water

                                        Preheat over to 350. Melt chocolate over a double boiler until it is melted and smooth. Set aside to cool slightly.

                                        Sift flour, baking power, baking sode, and salt in a medium bowl and set aside.

                                        With an electric mixer on med. speed, beat butter and sugar until smooth and creamy (app. 2 min.). On low speed, add melted chocolate. On medium speed, add eggs one at a time and then the vanilla. Beat until the mixture is creamy and the color has lightened slightly (app. 1 min.). Mix in sour cream until no white streaks remain. On low speed, add half the flour mixture, mixing just to incorporate. Mix in the water. Mix in the remaining flour mixture until it is incorporated and batter looks smooth. Bake for about 20 min. (although mine took about 15).

                                        1. re: JAC13

                                          Thanks for the correction jac13! My Barron's food lover's guide didn't have anything, but wikepedia had a great article that said RV cake is a rich and sweet chocolate cake, often make without chocolate flavoring. The original red color came from a reaction between vinegar/buttermilk/cocoa but later the cocoa changed so people started adding food coloring (or beets) to get the original color. Learn something everyday!

                                          1. re: chefshelley

                                            I read that, too. I was actually looking for something on its origins but it seems that the history of RV is a bit fuzzy. If you find anything I would be curious to know!

                                            1. re: JAC13

                                              It seems that the history of RV cake is definitely a mystery. But a little googling led me to this sit that seems to have the most complete listings and coverage of the various myths: http://www.barrypopik.com/index.php/n...

                                      3. re: JAC13

                                        i have made many of the cupcakes out Cupcakes! (by Elinor Klivans), and the lemon coconut snowballs and the mississippi mud cupcakes are fabulous

                                      4. Try this link:


                                        It's a whole blog dedicated to cupcakes, complete with recipes. It's the most complete list I know of, she gives recipes for the cupcakes, fillings and frostings.

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                                        1. re: cheryl_h

                                          Wow, that is insane...and impressive!

                                          1. re: QueenB

                                            SO insane! Oh my gosh....... my mind is blown. Officially blown.
                                            Decorated perfectly, I might add. Gosh her friends/family must be in cupcake heaven!!!

                                            1. re: QueenB

                                              The "Grande" Mocha cupcakes with the chocolate coffee bean are so cute!
                                              LOVE this blog!

                                            2. re: cheryl_h

                                              The S'mores cupcakes look AMAZING!!

                                              1. re: cheryl_h

                                                i love her blog... it is quite inspriational.... just makes me want to bake :)

                                              2. I've been dying to make them, they look awesome

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                                                1. re: KeriT

                                                  I made these cinnamon scented devil's food cupcakes for a shower a month ago and am still getting compliments. Honestly, the best cupcakes I've ever had. Moist, not too sweet, with a hint of cinnamon. Hmm now I may have to make them again!


                                                2. Cupcakes are so much fun! I made these Swiss Orange Chocolate Chip Cupcakes a couple months ago and they turned out well:

                                                  1. My most recent cupcake experiment involved the banana cake recipe from the Cake Bible, topped with cream cheese frosting and toasted pecans and/or coconut. They were really really good if i do say so myself.

                                                    1. Ok, I made both Paula's RV cupcakes and Ina's PB Chocolate cupcakes. I had to taste test both of course, to make sure they were good enough to serve tomorrow!

                                                      The RV are amazing. I halved the recipe with no problem. Ended up overcooking them by just a bit, but they still are moist and light. The cream cheese frosting is great. I think they'll be a hit.

                                                      Ina's PB Chocolate cupcakes are great as well. I used JAC13's recipe for sour cream chocolate cupcakes, which came out fluffy, light and moist as well. The peanut butter frosting is sooooo rich but so good.

                                                      Both successes! Thank you all so much for your ideas. I've also made some notes of your suggestions for future attempts. Thanks again!

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                                                      1. re: QueenB

                                                        The cupcake batter I prefer is the recipe from Magnolia Bakery - I found it on foodtv.com. For the icing, I used Ina's coconut cream cheese. I thought Magnolia's cake recipe was better than Ina's.

                                                        1. re: QueenB

                                                          QueenB - did you have any trouble with the red food coloring in the recipe turning your mouth or fingers red? Did you use 1 tablespoon?

                                                          1. re: chefshelley

                                                            chefshelley, I only used 1 tsp of food coloring, which was enough in my opinion. It turned the cakes red, but not my face or fingers. I probably could have even gone down to 1/2 tsp.

                                                          2. re: QueenB

                                                            QueenB - which were easier to make? ..and what got more raves at your party?

                                                            I want to whip up a batch tonight to deliver to my BF's work for his b'day - and I don't have tons of time.... but I want them to be super yummy!

                                                            1. re: The Oracle

                                                              also... I just noticed Ina's recipe calls for a paddle attachment on the mixer. Is this necessary? (I don't have one - just the regular beaters!)

                                                              1. re: The Oracle

                                                                Oracle, I'm so sorry that it took me this long to reply. I was in a meeting all day yesterday, then in an airport and on a flight home, so I never checked here.

                                                                I hope whatever you made was good!

                                                                Personally, I preferred the Red Velvet with cream cheese icing. Mr B did also. The chocolate with PB icing were also very good, but I think I'm just a total sucker for cream cheese.

                                                                I'm sure you could do the Ina cakes with a regular mixer, not a paddle attachment.

                                                                1. re: QueenB

                                                                  Thanks for the feedback. I got all the ingredients for the PB and black-bottoms... but, because I started baking at about midnight, I wussed out and used box cake mix. The only thing that made me feel better was adding 2 T. of peanut butter to the chocolate frosting (Paula Dean's recipe) and it was an AMAZING touch!

                                                                  While the ones for today were a hit - I definitely want to try the PB's & the black bottoms - and now, the red velvet with cream cheese!

                                                                  Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate the info about the paddle attachment as well! ...that had me quite confused! Do you think I could get away with making frosting w/o a paddle attachment?

                                                                  1. re: The Oracle

                                                                    Sure you could. I made the cream cheese frosting with a regular whip attachment, I am sure that a regular hand held mixer with beater will work just fine. I doubt a paddle attachment is 100% necessary.
                                                                    Glad to hear that what you made turned out ok. Its amazing how PB can add so much zing to chocolate.
                                                                    I want to make the black bottoms as well, and was seriously thinking about doing that tomorrow. I love cream cheese.

                                                              2. re: QueenB

                                                                QueenB, so instead of using Ina's PB recipe you used JAC13's choc sour cream recipe and used Ina's PB frosting? i am baking for a Bridal Shower this weekend and wanted to make mini cupcakes.

                                                                1. re: vanity021

                                                                  Yes, that is exactly what I did.

                                                              3. Can Someone send/post me Paula Dean's RV recipe? Also, any suggestion for a basic vanilla cupcake. i tried magnolia bakery and thought it was way to sweet for me.

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                                                                1. re: vanity021

                                                                  Paula Deen's Red Velvet Cupcakes (can be found on foodnetwork.com)

                                                                  For the cupcakes:
                                                                  2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
                                                                  1 1/2 cups sugar
                                                                  1 teaspoon baking soda
                                                                  1 teaspoon salt
                                                                  1 teaspoon cocoa powder
                                                                  1 1/2 cups vegetable oil
                                                                  1 cup buttermilk, room temperature
                                                                  2 large eggs, room temperature
                                                                  2 tablespoons red food coloring
                                                                  1 teaspoon white distilled vinegar
                                                                  1 teaspoon vanilla extract
                                                                  For the Cream Cheese Frosting:
                                                                  1 pound cream cheese, softened
                                                                  2 sticks butter, softened
                                                                  1 teaspoon vanilla extract
                                                                  4 cups sifted confectioners' sugar
                                                                  Chopped pecans and fresh raspberries or strawberries, for garnish

                                                                  For the cupcakes:
                                                                  Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line 2 (12-cup) muffin pans with cupcake papers.
                                                                  In a medium mixing bowl, sift together the flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, and cocoa powder. In a large bowl gently beat together the oil, buttermilk, eggs, food coloring, vinegar, and vanilla with a handheld electric mixer. Add the sifted dry ingredients to the wet and mix until smooth and thoroughly combined.

                                                                  Divide the batter evenly among the cupcake tins about 2/3 filled. Bake in oven for about 20 to 22 minutes, turning the pans once, half way through. Test the cupcakes with a toothpick for doneness. Remove from oven and cool completely before frosting.

                                                                  For the Cream Cheese Frosting:
                                                                  In a large mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese, butter and vanilla together until smooth. Add the sugar and on low speed, beat until incorporated. Increase the speed to high and mix until very light and fluffy.

                                                                  Garnish with chopped pecans and a fresh raspberry or strawberry.

                                                                  1. re: ashes

                                                                    did you follow the recipe? any modifications or suggestions?

                                                                    1. re: vanity021

                                                                      I followed the recipe, except that I made extra large cupcakes - like muffins, and I cut the red food coloring back to 1T - 2 seemed silly to me - overkill. Everyone loved the cupcakes, but next time, I'll make regular sized cupcakes (the frosting is rich and the ones I made were more than I like for one serving size), and I will probably also cut the food coloring back a bit more. Good luck, enjoy.

                                                                      1. re: vanity021

                                                                        I also followed the recipe, but like THenderson, cut waaaay back on the red food dye. 2 teaspoons at the most should suffice.
                                                                        They really did come out great.

                                                                        1. re: vanity021

                                                                          I followed the recipe, althought I must admit I'll likely also cut back on the dye next time. They were VERY red though :)

                                                                          1. re: vanity021

                                                                            o.k. - so, I just read another thread about r.v. cake and the o.p. pointed out to someone that by not adding the full amount of coloring, you are shorting the recipe in liquids. I am not an expert baker, and would probably have said that the small amount of liquid missing would not be enough to make a difference, but she has far more experience than me and felt that it would, so I thought it was worth mentioning on this thread. So, I guess, if you want to cut back a Tablespoon of coloring, add a Tablespoon water or something? Sound right to you all?

                                                                            1. re: THenderson

                                                                              I don't think it's necessary at all. I made the r.v. cupcakes and cut out the majority of the food coloring without any adverse effects at all.

                                                                              1. re: QueenB

                                                                                I've been making batch after batch of Paula's RV cupcakes for every event imaginable -- everyone says they're the best I've ever made, which is huge since I bake all the time.

                                                                                My modifications:
                                                                                - 1/4 cup cocoa (reduce the flour by 1/4 cup)
                                                                                - buy the gel food coloring at a baking/cake supply store. I usually use about 2 squirts, about 1-2 tbs.
                                                                                - the cocoa amount plus the gel food coloring produces this gorgeous blood red (vs. the very bright, candy red of the original recipe that I found too bright).

                                                                                I add about 1/4 c. heavy cream to the frosting and reduce the powdered sugar by 3/4-1 cup. I like a lighter, less sweet frosting.

                                                                      2. I saw Ina's mix for coconut cupcakes, and chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting the other day at the store, and the cost was outrageous! Can't be that hard to follow the recipe and make them yourself...

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                                                                        1. re: jinet12

                                                                          Much cheaper to make yourself, besides I've heard that the mixes really aren't that good.

                                                                        2. I have made this recipe for 25 years and it never disappoints!

                                                                          SELF FILLED CUPCAKES

                                                                          1 box Devil’s food cake mix
                                                                          8 oz cream cheese, softened
                                                                          6 oz pkg chocolate chips
                                                                          1 egg
                                                                          pinch salt
                                                                          1/3 cup sugar

                                                                          Mix cake mix as directed on package filling cupcake liner 2/3 full. Mix remaining ingredients. Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls in batter. Bake as directed on package. No need to frost. Can be frozen and eaten frozen if desired.

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                                                                          1. re: Kaisgraham

                                                                            giada's recipe for raspberry cream cupcakes are awesome and they always get eaten in minutes! haye are also very light and nice for summer. You can find them on foodtv.com.

                                                                          2. I've made 3 superb cupcakes lately:

                                                                            Ina Garten's Coconut Cupcakes
                                                                            David Lebovitz Black Bottom Cupcakes
                                                                            Judith Sutton's Orange Cupcakes with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

                                                                            They were all huge successes and all three are available online.