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May 30, 2007 01:24 PM

NY Chowhound in Las Vegas for 3 nights....

Hi All,
I am trying to book reservations for this Friday and Saturday night. I already have Daniel booked for Sunday evening. I am most interested in achieving the best tasting meal possible; however, am also interested in eating in a somewhat relaxed atmosphere (i.e., can wear jeans to dinner). Budget is extremely flexible; but again, looking for delicious, wow-factor food.

Appreciate all your help!

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  1. l'atelier at mgm, bartolotta at wynn both have wow factor food, but good luck getting in on such short notice.

    1. ate at b&b ristorante in the venetian and bouchon at the venetian. both were exquisite (b&b is basically a horizontal babbo - you'll understand if you see the layoff). food was amazing.