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May 30, 2007 01:09 PM

WI Locavore in TN

Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants in TN that serve locally grown/produced food? I'm driving down to Nashville from Wisconsin and spending a couple days exploring the region, so I'd be grateful for suggestions anywhere in the state! THANKS!

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  1. Did anyone answer this? Sorry. Strangely, there aren't that many places serving locally grown stuff -- we're not Chez Panisse yet. Your best bets are Zola in Nashville (owner's husband brings in the fish he catches, and she gets some local vegetables) and Cafe Margot in Nashville, Sunset Grill probably has local stuff, and I know Arnold's probably does, too, since they serve meat-n-three made fresh with seasonal vegetables.
    I should have added Varallo's chili parlor in downtown Nashville -- it's made and canned locally, and served at the restaurant. Oh, and there's a new ice cream place on Broadway -- Mike's -- that makes its own ice cream.
    You can look up into on these places in recent threads on great eating in Nashville and Memphis. I know I personally posted about half a dozen replies in late April and early May.
    I'm no longer familiar with the rest of Tennessee's restaurants, sorry. There's great barbecue in Memphis, though. Other people love Rendezvous, but I like the Public Eye (if it's still open -- been 10 years) Oh, and there's a great barbecue place in White Bluff, Tennessee, outside Nashville to the south and west, called Carl's Perfect Pig. Way out of town. Painted pink. Worth the trip.