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May 30, 2007 01:07 PM

Hey RI'ers....Where do you take your out of town guests?

I always seem to fall into the same rut when friends and family come to visit me, here in Rhode Island. When my Mom visits, we usually go to Chelo's or Greggs. This is not my normal fare but she is from the generation of pot roast, chicken parm, prime rib specials and turkey platters. And when my friends visit, we usually hit Thayer Street (Paragon or Kabob & Curry) and Federal Hill. Some other places we have taken out of town guests is
Redlefsen's, The Red Fez, Red Stripe, Mews Tavern and Oki Japanese. Where do you take your out of town guests that is memorable and perhaps something that they can't find at home?

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  1. For those coming from areas that are not heavily Italian, anything on Atwells. Sitting outside at Venda is always nice. Especially nice is picking & choosing from the deli side, having it wrapped to go, and eating on the edge of the fountain. Round the bend for a couple of mini lemon bars at Pastiche.

    In the "olden" days I'd have said The Gatehouse....not sure how this new Waterman Grille will work out, but I might give it a go because the bldg is so nice. Same for the new Pinelli restaurant in the old Boathouse location at Waterplace Park.

    Newport - Inn at Castle Hill, at least for drinks on the lawn. Lunch on the patio at Spiced Pear.

    I'll keep thinking....

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      Oh yes, definately Castle Hill! I took my sister there for lunch. I find it a little pricey for dinner but lunch is great and so is the view!

    2. places i've taken my parents when they come visit, and which they've loved: providence oyster bar (they live in an area where fresh seafood is hard to come by), pan e vino, blaze east side, red stripe (for brunch), julians (for brunch and a huge favorite). i dont know if these are all necessarily places that make food they cant find similarly at home- but they are all quite good. i would say julian's is the most unique!

      1. Twin Oaks for your Mom or anyone who enjoys an old-fashioned classic. In the summer, I take friends to Back Eddy, which is in Westport, MA, just over the RI line near Horseneck Beach. It's a nice drive, gorgeous sunset views. Aunt Carries for clamcakes and chowder. Coast Guard House for brunch. Agree that ouside in DePasquale Square is very RI. Al Forno for grilled pizza--although I'm not otherwise a fan.