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May 30, 2007 12:46 PM

Where to go, where to go with my sis... (westside, Venice, West Hollywood, malibu, SM, SFV)

I'm cluless where to go this weekend with sis. She likes good food, but isn't a foodie per say. For instance, Mexican "does something to" her stomach. As does indian. As does any cuisine she doesn't like but is afraid to say "I don't like it".

She likes Sushi (as do I) or American, French, etc. She hasn't done Korean. I was thinking O Dea San, for a hwe bap al bap sushi fix.

But I need to save $$$, so cheap is good.

I could even go for AYCE sushi, but feel it should be fun!

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  1. In the Venice area, there is a really nice french restaurant (for lunch, you get a great deal) called Lilly's. It's on Abbot Kinney...a pleasant place to hang out, with great atmosphere. Check out their patio!

    1. I know this is out of the area that you request, but have you considered dim sum in the San Gabriel Valley? I don't know if you or your sister have experienced dim sum, but it might be an opportune time to start. We just spent three days eating our hearts out in Alhambra, Monterey Park, and Rosemead. The variety is amazing and so are the prices. Quality will vary depending on where you go, but all in all, it will be at least good, if not great. The in your party, the better and cheaper per head as well. At Capital Seafood, 10 adults and six kids ate a total of over 30 plates of various dishes for a total of $100 before tip. As long as you stick with tea and water, your bill will be amazingly low. I would reccomend going with a party of at least four to have a good time. We also ate at Sea Harbour, considered to be one of the better (and in some minds, the best) dim sum houses in the valley. Four adults and three kids ate royally and ordered (I think it was) 24 dishes for a total of just under $90 before tip. This is as expensive as it gets as long as you don't order live seafood.

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        I'm planning to go to GV, but I've promised my husband I'll wait till he's back from being out of town.

      2. Hi... Consider Nook Bistro in West Los Angeles. If sis can't find something to enjoy there, then she might not really like food ;-)

        1. 26 Beach, Reel Inn, Zankou Chicken and Fritto Misto all have good food, but flexible-enough menus for her to eat as simply as she likes.

          I also second Nook. Violet is also a nice, but more expensive option.

          1. Musha in Santa Monica for Japanese pub fare that's very, very reasonable and unreasonably good. Father's Office for hamburgers. Malibu Seafood is cheap and good (bring your own wine, tablecloth and candles). For lunch you can get healthy sandwiches at John's Garden in the country mart on Cross Creek in Malibu and people watch in the little park there. There's also Bay Cities in Santa Monica for sandwiches.

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              musha sounds interesting.

              I hate FO, I've met Tsang I've heard him speak. he is a self-centered twit who pretends to be a beer expert by reading the laels and passing on mis-information he pulls outta his ass.

              But Musha sunds great. Is there a website?

              1. re: Diana

                Take a look at these photos by Pei (I have passed along her review before and have her permission to do so - thanks Pei!). If you can look at these and not jump in your car and tear down to Musha you are a stronger person than I am.


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                  I was in my miata with the engine running before I stpped myself. MY GOODNESS!!! All that food for $23 a person!?! Will is be good for just 2?

                  1. re: Diana

                    Too much food -- I don't think so! Just keep eating until you keel over. They're used to that I am sure. ;-D