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May 30, 2007 12:40 PM

The dreaded brunch thread

I am not a brunch person, but I will be finding myself between East Cambridge and Inman Square on Saturday at 11am.

Have come up with:
ASS Bar (except not for the filet-o-fish)
Kebab Factory
Petsi's for scones/tart/cinnamon roll

Where should I eat? What's open? Brunch/early lunch/late breakfast options are all welcome.

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  1. *deleted

    sorry... I always equate brunch with Sunday!

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    1. re: ponyboy

      Bloody Mary brunch is on Sundays at ECG - they're not open Saturdays till 5:30.

    2. How about MuQueCa at 1095 Cambridge St. Great Brazilian food.

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      1. re: BBHound

        Genius. As long as it's not boiling outside this is a great rec.

      2. Eclectic assortment you've offered there... Petsi's is great, but it's a bit low on atmosphere. I love the brunch at B-side but atmosphere-wise, inevitably I feel like I've been there sleeping on the floor all night and awoken to breakfast accidentally...

        Avoid S&S... despite the long lines the food is ho-hum and the service brusque.

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        1. re: newhound

          I have slept on the floor at B-Side and woken up to breakfast being served. Well, not really, but atmosphere isn't that important.

        2. Toscanini's (somewhat) new "breakfast at the big table" at the Main St. branch. Atmosphere is very casual but the food is all prepared with a lot of care and quite delicious. Wonderful fruit salad (even in winter), terrific homemade sausage, fancy breakfast sandwiches, cornmeal crusted pancakes etc. Plus some of Cambridge's best coffee and then ice cream for dessert. Open Sat and Sun at 10 am.

          1. As good as Punjabi Dhaba is at dinner, the items I absolutely crave are the egg dishes from their "light food" menu. My personal favorite is the anda burji, "beaten eggs cooked with onion, ginger, green chilli, tomatoes, coriander leaves, green peas and spices." The punjabi omelet sandwich is quite good as well. I believe they open at 11.

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            1. re: finlero

              Never tried the egg dishes there - thanks for pointing me to that menu.

              1. re: finlero

                Yeah, thanks for that heads up. Reminds me of the super seasoned eggs that a Haitian friend makes. Tough to start your day with rockin' bad breath - hello garlic - but worth it!