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May 30, 2007 12:37 PM

Caiolla's-Portland's best burger?

Not usual for me to order a burger in a place like Caiolla's, but last night when I ordered one at the bar, a person eating on one side of me said he'd eaten one for lunch, another party chimed in saying that's ALL he ever orders. The burger -$12.95- was memorable and the fried potato "puffs"! wow!
Which leads to two questions. Might this be the best burger in Portland?
And what other hidden gems am I missing in Portland restaurants? Great items that aren't typical of the rest of the menu?

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  1. I love the burgers at Becky's and also Silly's.

    1. I've since heard that Back Bay Grill and 555 both have high end burgers, and for less!

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        I wonder if the burger at 555 is $19.95?

        1. re: irwin

          Directly from 555 website:

          grass-fed angus cheese burger
          house made buttermilk biscuit . aged vermont cheddar . horseradish aioli . tobacco onions . house cut potato chips