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May 30, 2007 12:08 PM

Good "old boy" bars?

My brother is visiting from Pittsburgh for a couple of months and he's looking for some good ole' boy kind of bars, places to get a couple of beers, shoot the breeze and maybe order some good ole' bar kind of food...he's discovered Gladstone's where he orders the crab legs and has his couple of pints of Guiness....any other suggestions? He's driving from Sherman Oaks area. Thanks!

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  1. Chez Jay in Santa Monica is right up his alley.

    1. The Shack, Sonny McClean's, O'Brien's, Hinano...

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      1. re: mollyomormon

        Another vote here for Hinano! Really really wonderful burger.

      2. I'll give you a few where he doesn't have to drive far:

        In Sherman Oaks there's Pineapple Hill in the same center as In 'n' Out, and a bar whose name I don't know which is next door to Carnival on Woodman between Ventura and Moorpark. I've never been to either but I bet they have the vibe your brother wants.

        We also like Oyster House Saloon in Studio City on Moorpark just east of Whitsett. Strong drinks. Food is Italian-ish seafood.

        On Burbank Blvd. just east of Woodman there's Robin Hood which is actually a pub, pretty good fish and chips. There's another pub or bar in the area called Ireland 32 but I can't remember exactly which street it's on, it's one of the east-west streets like Oxnard or Victory.

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          Robin Hood has good beer and food!

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            The bar is called the Chimney Sweep. It's a great dive. plus they deliver food from Carnival and Short Stop next door.

          2. Naja's in Redondo Beach is a huge hit with beer lovers.

            1. I second the Chez Jay nomination. Despite all of the winging from others, I do think Father's Office has very good bar food and great beer.

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                but far, far from a "good ol' boy" bar. FO is crowded, pretentious and loud!