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May 30, 2007 12:04 PM

Dante and Luigi's

I'm bringing a group of 30 to Philadelphia and I've made reservations at Dante and Luigi's. WHat do people think of this restaurant? Any other suggestions? We're looking for American or Italian, in other words, safe cuisines. Thanks!

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  1. If you're looking for safe... this it it.

    It's okay. I have been there twice--the last time within the last six months.

    The food is just okay and almost not good enough for the rather high prices that they charge. Honestly, I think it lives off of its name and lore as an old-fashioned Italian restaurant in Philadelphia. Since you're bringing 30 though, the place strikes me as a good large group place--it's spacious and has large, long tables. They have enormous meat balls. That probably didn't need to be said so frankly...

    There are certainly better Italian restaurants out there--the one that comes to mind at the moment is Osteria but it may be very difficult to get a reservation for 30 any time soon there.

    1. Safe? Funny word when it comes to Dante & Luigi's. Site of the Halloween 1989 mafia hit on Nicky Scarfo Jr. As long as you're all civilians, you'll be fine.

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        Safe and extremely popular is the Saloon around 7th & Catherine.

      2. I would consider Tre Scalini, which has much better food. However, it's BYOB and there are steps to the upstairs, where they seat large parties.

        I have been to a large party at Branzino, another excellent BYOB in center city.

        Do you need a place with a bar? Most Italian restaurants have many choices, including fish and pasta - plenty safe.

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          In my opinion The Saloon is an over-priced trap.