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May 30, 2007 11:39 AM

Dad's Rootbeer in Toronto?

Does anyone know if Dad's Rootbeer (preferable in bottles) is available in Toronto?

I actually live in Markham, so it would be great to find it around here..but I thought I would check with my Chow friends in general!

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. have you tried Boylan's Rootbeer....its from NJ and made with pure cane sugar. You can buy it at The Village Grocer in Markham. Check it out. You might also find it at Longo's and you can definetely find it at Whole Foods. Cheers.

    1. Well, Whitby is just as close to Markham as Toronto is, so hopefully this will suffice. In this area anyway, Dad's Root Beer is common place. It's everywhere. In most corner stores, and I buy mean from this wholesale outlet (in bottles, in cases):

      The Real Canadian Wholesale Club
      400 GLEN HILL DR
      WHITBY ON L1N 7R6

      FWIW: I like Boylan's better myself, but the poster requested info on Dad's Root Beer.

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        We've bought Dad's rootbeer in glass bottles (12-pack) at Sam's Club in Pickering many times. Not always in stock so grab it if you see it.

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          Dad's Rootbeer is available at the Convience Store located at Fincham and 16th avenue, I think it is called Jag's Convience. It is also available in the plaza on Hwy 7 right next to the Double Double Pizza and WIngs and near the Sgt Peppers Bar. I forget the name of the Convience Store but you should be able to find it. My opinion is that Dad's Rootbeer is okay but Stewarts's Root Beer is much better, give it a try...

          1. re: callitasicit

            Thanks for your help everyone! I ended up finding it and my boyfriend was THRILLED!