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May 30, 2007 11:32 AM

Cheap, great grilled chicken joints?

In SF and NYC, I have had the pleassure of dining at fantastic cheap grilled chicken joints. (The NYC one had a name amusingly close to the old Cluckin' Chicken sketch from Saturday Night Live.) These places only serve sptachcock chickens and side dishes. Is there anything like this in Massachusetts?

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  1. I think these places are more roasted chicken, but you could try Yely's and Alex's Chimis on Centre St. in JP, not far from the Jackson T stop. There are some in East Boston too.

    1. Would consider Peruvian rotisserie chicken at El Challan or Rincon Limeno?

      1. There are a couple of places in East Boston that are more 'rosteria' Mexican-style roasted chicken places ... but damn good. Rincon Limeno, and a little joint called Rosteria Jalisco which is excellent.

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          Thanks, everyone! I'll give these a try.