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May 30, 2007 11:22 AM

Downtown restaurants open on Sunday for dinner

I need to fine a nice restaurant to take a group of nine people to dinner on a Sunday night. Something nice, but not overly pricey (Bymark would be too pricey). It seems as if most of the nice restaurants, pricey or otherwise, seem to close on Sundays. It is like a dining desert here on Sundays and even Mondays.

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  1. Spuntini on Avenue is my go-to summer Sunday spot for large groups. Always a fun place. Simple good food, great service.

    1. Niagara st. is open on sunday, as is Rosebud (but not later- only until about 8)...Le Select is open...JKWB is open.

      1. It's not downtown - but not that far either.
        Batifole on Gerrard East.
        Downtown Niagara Street Cafe is casual but good.
        or possibly the Keg on York Street - not exciting, but safe and fair prices. It's one of the best in the chain.

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          Beerbistro recently started serving dinner Sunday nights (and brunch Saturday/Sunday daytime).

          1. re: idnas

            The major steakhouses are all open for Sunday dinner. In order of preference you might try Barberians, Harbour 60, Hy's, Tom Jones.

        2. Globe Bistro is open on Sundays.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Location wise, BeerBistro would be good, but not sure about the menu (most everything is made with beer) and is a possibility. Also considering LeSelect. Another person mentioned Provence Delice on Parliament. What is your opinion on Le Select and Provence?

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            1. re: TorontoKathy

              Don't let the beer in the menu scare you off. It's indetectable in the final flavour of most of the dishes. It's a great casual spot.

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                I've been to both and I prefer Le Select, in fact it's one of my regular spots. The place is quite beautiful - think traditional French brasserie, with lovely zinc bar... but not stuffy. More casual, I think, than Provence, which I found slightly geriatric in atmosphere.

                I think the food is authentic, consistent and very good at both restaurants. I recall le Select being a little more economical, if that's a consideration. Oh, and le Select is well known for having a superfluous wine list.

                I certainly have no complaint with the food at Provence, but I much prefer the overall experience at le Select - which is why I keep going back (plus, it's in my 'hood). It would get my vote for a relaxed and fun group outing.