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May 30, 2007 11:13 AM

Dinner by LAX

I'm going to dinner with someone staying by LAX. I'm not really familiar with the area at all. We usually head up a bit north towards Santa Monica. I've already taken him to Ocean Ave Seafood and BOA. I'm thinking of Father's Office since their burgers are so delish (already did the Library Alehouse as well), but it's always so crowded and loud. No time for reservations really. I also don't want to pick someplace too expensive since I'm not paying. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. In Venice there's 26 Beach, Chaya Venice, and Lilly's. Depending what time you go, Chaya Venice can get loud especially around happy hour time. 26 beach is one of my favorite places.

    1. You could go South, there are several good choices in El Segundo, such as the Farm Stand or Chef Hannes on Main St. Minotaure in Playa is also a good option.

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        Oh - and El Segundo also has the amazing new Whole Foods supermarket that I am in love with and want to marry. Sepulveda & Rosecrans. Crazy amount of prepared food and seating, and they will serve you alcohol in there too. Very casual though, since, you know, it's a supermarket...

        I also like Caffe Pinguini in Playa - cute place, nice service, yummy Italian food.

      2. if japanese food is an option, there's TAIKO on rosecrans right by the airport.
        i've had some pretty good meals there.

        Taiko Restaurant 2041 Rosecrans Ave El Segundo, California 90245-4707

        1. Beechwood is fun with a burger that rivals FO.