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May 30, 2007 11:09 AM

Panago Pizza

My hubby and I shared a pizza (half goat cheese/veggies...half pesto/veggies) form the Panago Pizza Restaurant on Bay.
We inhaled it.
The crust, the sauce, the flavors,...everything worked!!
Not to mention, the place was spotless.
Anyone else tried it?

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  1. I work fairly close by there, so I've had a few of their personal pizzas for lunch. They've been hit and miss, with the multigrain crust being especially bland. But for a quick, cheap lunch, they're better than many other options in the area.

    1. FYI Panago is a chain out of BC, with many locations in Western Canada. My wife and I were regular customers in Edmonton. Definitely the best chain pizza I've ever had. We loved the chicken taco pizza and the pie with Yves' veggie pepperoni. I'm watching with interest to see how the already-crowded Toronto pizza market welcomes (?) them. Very smart of them to locate their first location on Bay to capture upscale delivery market, don't you think?

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        Panago also recently opened a location in London, Ontario. It's located at the corner of Fanshawe Park Road and Wonderland Rd, in case any hounds are in the neighbourhood.

      2. They have a location in Whitby, Ontario that I've been frequenting since it opened 2 years ago. For this area at least, it is our best pizza option. The pizza is good, but I do think you can find far better in the city. If you live out in the boonies like me though, it's "amazing"! :)

        1. Absolutely the best pizza in Toronto. We ate the one at Bay/Gerrard. Fresh, best crust in town, toppings are super fresh, you can see your pizza being made in the cleanest environment, service is great, and if you are into this type of thing: the dips are original and yummy.

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            Approximately how much do the pizzas cost? I looked at their website, but saw no prices.

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                what other pizza would you compare it to Alek?

              2. Just to add in a note about service... I once got a personal sized pizza there that they accidentally made with steak instead of ground beef, and not only did they give it to me for free (after I declined an offer to re-make) but they also gave me a $5 gift certificate for next time. I thought that was pretty above + beyond.... especially for a mistake on a <$5 pizza that was in my favour to begin with!

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                  Ya I really can't understand the love affair so many people have with Panago. The best pizza or chain pizza?? Not even close. Listen, it's a good pizza, but certainly not the best. I've only had it once, and the one time I had it it was certainly pretty good, but not great. Not without its problems. I got pepperoni and mushrooms. The sauce was very nice, the pepperoni was nice, the crust was good (I kinda thought it was a poor man's Pizza Hut crust, but less greasy - I prefer Pizza Hut's by a mile). The mushrooms though tasted really really odd. Definitely wouldn't get them on my pizza again. I'd go back (but not rush back), but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's the best chain pizza I've had. Nowhere close. But hey, that’s just me.

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                    So which one is the best, magic?

                    1. re: deelicious

                      I guess it depends on your tastes and opinion. I just am in awe of so many people’s worship of Panago. It’s a pretty good pizza, I just don’t think it’s worthy of widespread reverence. What do you think is the best?