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New Downtown L.A. Rooftop Sushi Place?

I recall hearing something about this not too long ago........did a search and cannot find anything on it...........

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  1. Are you thinking of the Beer Garden at the New Otani? It's not sushi, but it's the only Japanese rooftop spot I can think of.

    There's also Kado, but that's not in downtown.

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      Don't think that's the place......
      Believe I read about it in the Downtown News.
      It was a new place that just opened or was about to open.

      Not Kado for sure.


    2. According to the Downtown News, Takami will be opening in June (maybe!) atop the penthouse of the 811 Wilshire Building. Executive chef will be Kenny Yamada of Katsu-ya.

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      1. According to the current issue of Downtown News, Takami will be opening its lounge this Friday, its restaurant for dinner the following weekend, with lunch service starting the week after. In addition to sushi, they will be serving robata (grilled meat). Unfortunately, DTN did not mention if they tried the food and if so, if it was good - but here's hoping!


        Takami Sushi and Robata Restaurant
        811 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90017

        1. It was featured on Daily Candy on Wednesday (http://www.dailycandy.com/article.jsp...) and is now on Open Table (http://www.opentable.com/rest_profile...) and starts serving dinner tomorrow...Anyone, anyone?

          1. Yum.
            The place looks great.
            I would love to try one of the cocktails and eyeball what's going on in the Sushi Place to see if I'd like to really try it...hmm, I'm gonna try to rustle up someone to go with me.

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              Well after reading your description of eating scallops at a sushi bar...I'd be more than happy to be your dininig companiion at this establishment.

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                Hhmm, now, how could we arrange that?
                I do know that I will be at IZAYOI on Tuesday for lunch at about 12noon...maybe I should check out the roof top place after my bento box.

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                  Rooftop sushi is more fun when its nightfall or sunset.

            2. SO & I tried Takami last night - first seating, first night, brand new restaurant - could have been a disaster, but it wasn't. They have really put a lot of money and thought into this place - it's a very generic office building, and you enter through the generic lobby, take the elevator up to the 21st floor, and get off in a very ordinary elevator lobby - but when you enter the restaurant, you enter a completely different world. We had a lovely meal outside on the terrace with a nice breeze and a killer view of Downtown (including the rooftop pools at the Standard and the Pegasus, which was fun people-watching). Although the menu included entrees, we ordered a bunch of small dishes - Takami edamame, chicken and steak robata, spicy tuna on crispy rice, salmon rolls, eel & avocado rolls, and lemon albacore rolls. For everything except the robata, the presentation and portion sizes were very nice (the robata, by contrast, was simply meat on a skewer - one skewer per order - but it was pretty tasty). I'm a huge fan of spicy tuna on crispy rice, and that was my favorite dish of the evening - I would go back for that alone. The bill for two with no alcohol was about $80 - not cheap, but not outrageous, considering the great ambience and very good food. All in all, a nice addition to the Downtown dining scene!

              1. I went to Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant with a friend tonight. The décor was cool and the view was awesome. However, the food was just average in taste and but came at premium prices (definitely paying for the view…luckily my friend’s expense account subsidized the meal (which was about $125 including a $24 bottle of saki)). We started with a steak and asparagus robata, which was good, but at $15 for 3 bite size pieces of steak, it definitely wasn’t worth it. We then had a tuna poke martini that came with various layers of mashed potatoes and roe that was good, but not great. The creamy rock shrimp tempura purse was very good, but again not worth the price (5 pieces for about $15). We then moved onto a variety of rolls, including a spicy yellowtail that tasted a little fishy and was too heavy on the rice and light on the fish. The only standout item was the lemon albacore roll. We had the crème brulee trio for dessert…and it tasted more like pudding than crème brulee. The service was attentive enough but was clearly lacking because we only ordered 1 spicy yellowtail roll and had 3 order brought to us during the course of dinner along with 2 servings of spicy tuna roll which we didn’t order at all (poor form!). My final review is that this is a cool place for business travelers with an expense account, but not worth spending my dollars on. Next time I find myself downtown craving sushi, I’ll stick with R-23.

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                  I agree. Go to R-23 instead.

                  If there's one thing I hate, it's paying too much for the setting and not feeling as if enough of the chef's imagination, expertise, or ingredients went into my food.

                  Strong drinks and pretty view, though.

                  longer review here: http://cynematic.wordpress.com/2007/0...

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                    What is exactly good at R-23???? I've been there and must say it left not much to be desired. Overated is an understatement!

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                      The itamae that earned R-23 its reputation was Nishimura who left to open The Hump at Santa Monica Airport years ago who then left The Hump to open his namesake sushi-ya on Melrose across from PDC. Go to Nishimura instead.

                      8684 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

                  2. Just had lunch there today. My friend and I shared the steak robata, zuchinni robata and the chicken and green onion robata. All excellent, though relatively expensive ($9, $4 and $6 respectively, for one small skewer). We then shared their version of crispy rice and spicy tuna - very good, and bite-sized which made for easy eating. Also had a green salad (fine) and the seared albacore sashimi with crispy garlic. This was good, but almost TOO thinly sliced; with six, paper-thin slices, it was about as filling as 2 M&Ms. Lastly we had the waiter's recommendation of a crab "pop art" dish - Crab wrapped in rice paper with some sauces. It was all right, nothing great.

                    Our bill for the above plus two iced teas was $85.00 before tip. The atmosphere is amazing, service was perfect and the food was good, but I'll be saving this for a special occasion type of place at these prices.

                    Clare K.

                    1. Ate at Takami last night. The view, like everyone else has said, was amazing. The food was pretty good too. We had the spicy tuna tacos, lamb chops, sunomono salad, mackerel sushi and a lemon albacore roll. For robata, we ordered the filet mignon and foie gras, duck breast, Chilean sea bass, and New York steak w/ asparagus. The spicy tuna tacos were a standout, and the light and tart sunomono and lemon albacore roll were a nice complement to the rich, meaty robata skewers, which were all cooked perfectly. The only robata I wouldn’t order again is the filet and foie because I didn’t really taste the foie so I’m not sure it really added anything besides dollars to the dish. For dessert, we had the ube panna cotta, which was amazing—creamy and naturally sweet.

                      My only complaints are that our server forgot about us after we were initially seated, and they were out of several food items that we tried to order. After we were seated, nobody attended to us for a full 30 minutes. This was rather dismaying, since as diners, we’re in a uniquely vulnerable position. Like helpless infants, we’re completely dependent on our servers to fulfill our basic needs for food and water. Eventually, my DC got up and alerted our hostess, who asked him to point out where we were seated. He pointed out our table on the computer screen, which was dark, whereas other tables were lit up—so it looks like we literally fell off their radar somehow. The hostess, and our server who attended to us immediately, were all profusely apologetic, and we had no problems with service after that. As for running out of food, we tried to order shishito peppers, Spanish mackerel, and a white rose tea martini, but they were out of all three. Disappointing.

                      However, they comped our ($4) mackerel sushi—a small, but still kind, gesture. Dinner with two cocktails before tip came to $132. I think once they work out a few kinks with service and keeping the kitchen supplied, the restaurant will do just fine.

                      1. I was at Takami last night and found it pretty good. Nice setting, though the music was way wrong.

                        My GF and I had the following:

                        Tempura Fried Brie: Outstanding, probably the best thing we ate.

                        Can't remember what it was called but a martini glass filled with a mashed potato/caviar mixture with sliced fish on top.

                        Tempura fried soft shell crab: pretty good, though a bit bitter and not great texture.

                        King crab roll: so-so.

                        Some other kind of rolls I can't remember - they were pretty good.

                        On the whole, I liked the place, great setting and all. With cocktails we spent about $100 for the two of us. They staff needs to get it together a little bit but it was only their third day or something. We live nearby and we'll probably go back.

                        1. Tried it this past week for lunch. Skewers were good. Priced definitely on the high side. Tried several of them. Several have already commented.

                          One thing, however. The sushi was really sub par. Toro was not very fresh and not presented well at all, actually rather poorly... at $27 for just 2 pieces. I don't mind Paying for it... but it should be served well and in in good condition at those prices. Other fish, Kanpachi, Hamachi, Uni, etc... mid range quality at best. High range prices.

                          Great room and space. Lot's of "pretty people". IMO, this place will do well due to the scene and bar business. Skewers are good food to accompany the drinks. Sushi is something I would avoid. Prices probably need to be high due to the cost of the space, TI

                          1. anyone know whether a reservation at Takami gets you into Elevate across the elevator lobby??