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Help! Best Kosher bakery on LI or in Queens?

Who has good rugelach, (not looking for the quality of Andre's in Forest Hills--never had any in their league that was kosher)--but, am looking for some high quality kosher sweets--the bakeries on 108th street in Rego Park are lousy, and so are the ones on Main Street in Kew Garden Hills.......so, please suggest some other places...thanks!! I like Benkert's in Great Neck, but believe they are kosher style, but not under any supervision...

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    1. try bageltown in west hempstead, they are also nut free.
      or in the five towns are a few bakeries.

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        Sapienza in Elmont has excellent dairy baked goods that are far superior to their

      2. I don't know when you were there last, but Andre's has some sort of new Kosher certificate in the window, so call them for details. because of that certificate, I'lI eat their stuff, but I won't bring it to other peoples home as a food gift until they close on Saturday and get under the Vaad, which is very unlikely to happen since Eastern European kosher consumers in Rego Park/Forest Hills are not that particular about certifications.

        actually, now that I think about it... they sell pretty great dairy rugglech in Costco's bakery, and I remember seeing some sort of hechsher on the package.

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          I think Steinbergs in Oceanside is without a doubt the best kosher bakery our family has ever tasted in New York.

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            I've heard Steinbergs is full of people who defected from Zomicks in Cederhurst, so it basically tastes the same. any truth to that?

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              I don't follow the logic, are you implying that Zomicks is the best therefore if anyone defects from them it must be that where they defected to must taste like Zomicks? Could it be that Steinbergs is better?

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                I didn't mean to imply anything, just wondering if what I heard was true, and how it effects these two top LI bakeries and how they compare to each other.

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                Steinberg's stuff is actually baked at Wall's in the 5 towns.

                I love their bread, but I find their desserts all taste the same. Rugelach are OK, but I've been surveying the area and the best are at Mario's on Merrick Rd (Italian, non-kosher of course!)

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                  Steinberg's stuff is not from Wall's!!!!
                  Some items come from Zomick's and some items are made there.

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                      Yes Steinberg's in Oceanside.
                      Zomick's and Steinberg's share the same owners. The products are made at the new facility in Inwood and then baked at the store fresh every day.


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              Not such a fan of Queens Pita-- actually, it depends on what you're buying. The pita a dense and not airy like those from the pita bakery on Avenue U in Brooklyn or Crown Heights.

              Check out the baked goods from Tomer Grocery in Cedarhurst on Central Ave. where there's an emphasis on sephardi delights like mamoul.

              Beigel's in Queens is good- they also supply Brach's in Lawrence.

              Not to forget Sapienza in Elmont and Costco on Rockaway Tpke in Lawrence.

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                do you know what the kosher certification for the costco bakery is?

            2. For the best parve koshe ruggelach in Queens try Queens Pita and Bakery. they are on main street by 68th dr( a few doors from supersol). Truthfully all their chocalate baked good are excellent. I use them regulary for all baked goods when not in 5 towns.

              1. I would recommend

                http://www.aronbakery.com, they have the best parve kosher sweets in forest hills and queens. They also do catering and weddings and delivery.

                all the best

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                  Pearl's Kosher Bakery, in the same shopping plaza as Fairway on Manetto Hill Rd. in Plainview, is outstanding. The Russian coffee cake and babka are fantastic. It's Shomer Shabbat with Orthodox supervision.

                  There are also many good kosher baked goods in the Fairway itself

                2. Country Boy Bakery in Long Beach, which is under the supervision of the South Shore Vaad, has great rugelach as well as other items. I find them to be superior to other bakeries in the area..