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May 30, 2007 10:15 AM

Stewart's Fish 'n' Chips, Pt. Pleasant

Stewart's has been on my "go to list" for some time. With Thompson’s unavailable, it seemed an opportune time to try Stewart’s, so yesterday, off we went to Pt. Pleasant, arriving at about 3:30. (They serve lunch until 4.)

The bright and airy space has lots of tables lined up in rows and, judging from the high chairs stacked against a wall, it's a very family-friendly place. There were no other diners, and I guess they were not expecting much business at that hour because there was no staff visible either in the dining room or behind the counter in the rear area. My husband "yoo-hoo-ed" a couple of times and, finally, we heard a distant voice saying he'd be right out. When the gentleman appeared, we selected a table, he gave us menus and took our order for drinks: a diet soda for my husband and pink lemonade for me.

Since it was our first time, we discussed portion sizes with the gentleman, decided to get an order of fish for each of us plus a basket of fries, and he went back to the kitchen area to do the cooking. It didn't take long for our food to arrive.

The two pieces of fish on each of our plates -- one gigantic and the other a bit smaller -- were expertly fried so that the crunchy coating was virtually greaseless. The same could be said for the generous basket of fries. All seriously delicious! The tarter sauce was excellent as well. A very small side of cole slaw was fine though I've had versions I've liked better. We ended up each eating only one piece of fish and a little more than half the fries, so we boxed up the leftovers, and we'll be having them for lunch today. Overall, a very satisfying experience. We’ll definitely be back!

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  1. RGR, where are they in PP? Thx.

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    1. re: nyebaby37

      Sorry about not including that info:

      Stewart's of Kearny
      522 Bay Avenue, Pt. Pleasant
      Tel.: 732-899-2280/732-920-0393

      1. re: RGR

        Thanks for the great report. It's been a couple of years since we've been to Stewart's, so it's good to hear they're still as great as we remember! We'll be out that way in July, so we'll be sure to take Mom & Dad there. Thanks for the reminder!

    2. I definitely ordered wrong at Stewart's this weekend. I stayed away from the fried fish and tried to order healthy and had my fish broiled resulting in a not so great meal. The fish was tasteless and the baked potato was hard. My wife went with the fried shrimp which were just okay. I really liked the cole slaw, though. The place is not large, but I really liked the big open space. Just one other table occupied on Sunday at 5:30. Next time I'm going to Spike's for my broiled fish fix and and I'll try the fish n chips next time I visit Stewart's.

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      1. re: jsfein

        Oh, no! :-( When you go to Stewart's you definitely need to ignore healthful and go with the fish 'n' chips. A platter comes with two pieces of fish -- one slightly smaller than the other -- and a good-sized portion of fries. So, unlike the first time we went and ended up taking home leftovers (which, btw, heated up very nicely for lunch the next day), for our second lunch there last Thursday, my husband and I shared one platter. It made for the perfect light meal. I'd do the same for dinner, but to make it feel more substantial, I'd probably start with some chowder though we haven't tried it yet, so I've no idea if it's any good.

        1. re: RGR

          My Husband & I went here with my parents 2 weeks ago. GREAT fried fish! I had the combination (fish, shrimp & scallops) and it was the BEST fried fish I've ever had. Just don't order the fried clam strips. Mom made that mistake, and they were obviously breaded and frozen----inedible. Thank goodness portions were large enough that we were all able to share our meals with her---none of us went away hungry! DH had the bridie----good, but not as good as the seafood. He also had a cup of the clam chowder that was quite good. Next time, I may just order the fried scallops. They were perfectly cooked and really delicious.

      2. Sadly, it has been reported, that they have closed.

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        1. re: shabbystorm

          Shabbystorm how did it compare to Cameron's of Kearny Fish & Chips on Brick Blvd?

          1. re: Tapas52

            You always got a nugget Tapas52
            Never knew this place was out there.
            Chowhound rules!

            1. re: shabbystorm

              Your very welcome Shabbystorm......hope to hear a review soon...
              good luck & thank you for all your heads up places also.

          2. re: shabbystorm

            True. I called Stewart's Kearny location, and the woman I spoke with confirmed that they've closed the Pt. Pleasant location. Too bad, especially since, as I mentioned on another thread, a few years ago, another fish 'n' chips place (whose name escapes me) that relocated from Kearny to Belmar closed.

            I hadn't heard of Cameron's. We shall have to check it out.

            Note: Stewart's Kearny location remains open.


            1. re: RGR

              That was Thompson's of Kearny. They moved from Kearny to Sea Bright 5 or 6 years ago (Next to Mrs Rooney's Sabrett stand), then relocated to Belmar. They have since closed.

              1. re: equal_Mark

                Thanks, =Mark, for coming up with the name. Yes, we did have lunch at Thompson's once when they were in Sea Bright and several times in Belmar. Enjoyed sitting on the front patio there. I think they closed because the building was coming down to make way for a new building. I was hoping they'd relocate again, but no such luck.