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May 30, 2007 09:38 AM

Laguna Beach - Favorite Restaurants??

Will be in Laguna Beach in August for 5 nights and looking for restaurant suggestions. Will eat any kind of food, not worried about price etc just looking for a good combination of places to eat. Any suggestions of what not to miss?

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  1. I'd be sure and hit Mozambique (near the south end of town) for a dinner, and Brussels Bistro for a lunch. In South Laguna, check out Eva's for some nice Caribean style food in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, and be sure to order one of their signature drinks (guava or passionfruit margaritas !). It's been some time, but Ocean Avenue Brewing Company used to have some really good beers, and good food items to go with it. You'll have to have at least one breakfast at The Cottage, for the history and charm of the place (food's not bad, either), and will have to stop in for a light lunch or coffee break at Zinc Cafe.

    1. I would say that you should not miss Zoolu Cafe, they do legendary swordfish, amazing calimari, a fanstastic veal chop etc.... the hubby on the grill, the wife takes the orders kinda place. But before you think its a slow mom 'n pop shop, just know that Zagat said they have the planets best swordfish... a must.

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        I agree, swordfish at Zoolu is a must. Delicious, fresh, and huge portions too.

      2. Do a search - you'll get tons of info. Totally second Mozambique & Zoolu and add 230 Forest. Have fun!

        1. Sundried Tomato Cafe is great!

          1. We like Sapphire Laguna. The food is very fresh,tasty and creative. Make sure you make reservations a head of time. Great place for brunch,lunch or dinner. We also like Zinc for their chili and salads.