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Beverly Hills Sunday Breakfast: Advice Requested

I'm seeking somewhere for late breakfast / early lunch (noon-ish) on a Sunday in a couple weeks. I don't want anywhere with a long wait and don't want anything too fancy or expensive. It'd be nice if it was within walking distance of Beverly Hills shopping, etc. for a post-meal stroll around town. Also kid-friendly (9 yrs. old). From reading past threads, so far I'm considering Brighton Coffee Shop and The Farm. Anyone have any recent reports from either of those or comparable alternatives for me? Thanks!

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    1. Nate 'n Al's -- sometimes there can be a wait, but it depends on what time you show up.... On recent visits, I haven't had a problem.

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          Nate 'nAl's wiill take a reservation for 6. Another option might be SNAKs at Saks Fifth Avenue. Good food, not terribly busy. Suspect they will take a reservation.

        2. Brighton coffee shop is closed on Sunday
          The Farm is great but a little pricey (not too bad) and there will be a wait most sunday's but it is very kid friendly
          What used to be johnny rocket's just turned into a dinner at corner of Beverly Drive and Little Santa Monica and looks reasonable, but mostly counter seating
          Nate and Al's classic deli but there will be a wait at that time
          Not within walking distance but Barefoot just East of Robertson on 3rd would also work

          1. Coupa Cafe is a new, sort-of-Venezuelan place on Canon--spacious, attractive, maybe a little expensive relative to portion size but quite good, with a varied menu including intersting stuff like arepas and these yummy grilled-corn pancakes called cachapas, as well as all sorts of sandwiches, salads, etc.. It has never been crowded when we've been there.

            Pain Quotidien on Little Santa Monica would be a safe bet.

            On a Saturday I'd suggest Mariposa at Neiman Marcus, but unfortunately, it's closed on Sundays. Barney Greengrass is great but would be crowded. Porta Via is good, probably crowded. Likewise Nate-n-Al's. Il Tramezzino is supposed to be open on Sundays, too, they have good Italian sandwiches and a few breakfast items.

            We've tried the Beverly Hills Diner (the former Johnny Rockets), thought it was just so-so. Didn't like jack-n-Jills (lousy service on 2 tries) but others feel otherwise, and it's certainly kid-friendly assuming you can get someone to wait on you in a timely fashion.

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              I second Coupa Cafe. They have a nice shaded patio and I've never had to wait to be seated.

              Also Cafe Marly on Santa Monica Blvd. is never crowded and they have a decent breakfast.

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                I really enjoy breakfast at Cafe Marly. It's one of those places I forget about, but when I go I think "why don't I come here more often?" The food is tasty, and the service has always been good, and I've never had to deal with a crowd there. But I'm not sure I'd call it especially kid friendly...it's not kid unfriendly, but there's no kids menu or anything like that.

            2. We actually like Il Fornaio (I know, it's a chain) on N. Beverly Drive (at Dayton?) for Sunday breakfast. There's usually a wait, though I don't know exactly how long because we tend to snag seats at the counter rather than wait for a table. I really like their sausage. Sometimes they're a bit funky about when they're serving certain menu items, so check to be sure when breakfast/brunch ends if you don't want to end up with only lunch items.

              1. Farm has great brownies...
                Jack'n'Jill's is a good option.
                Il Fornaio while a chain is good with a kid.
                Belwood Bakery is good for sandwiches and good quality bread, plus it's nice to sit outside and people watch while soaking up the rays.
                Xi'an is more frou-frou chinese, but really like the kung pao and power rice.
                Champagne Bakery Cafe is cheap and easy
                Mulberry is on Beverly as well

                1. You might try Belmont on La Cienega. It is a little bit outside of Bev. Hills, but has a great atmosphere, a great newstand around the corner...and a bloody mary buffet. :)

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                    Belmont probably doesn't fit the bill if you want to walk around BH after your meal.... (And, frankly, I've always found the place rather underwhelming.)

                    I like the Barney Greengrass suggestion above, as you can make reservations.


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                      Our family loves the Farm in BH. A bit noisy but they do have good breakfast/lunch/brunch foods. They even have a kids menu.

                  2. The Farm and Nate 'n' Als will be kid friendly and close to Rodeo drive to see the shops. I've had take out at porta via and it was good but can't comment about the restaurant. Il Fornio is also on Beverly and the food is excellent, though the service can be frustrating. Get there by 11 and the wait is not bad. I don't like Brighton Coffee Shop but doubt it's open Sunday anyway. I don't get Jack "n' Jills at all -- expensive, second rate food, and bad service. I would not go to any dept. store retaurant - no atomosphere, fun or soul. Have fun!

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                      I have to respectully disagree with the "no atmosphere or fun" comment! There is some serious people watching to be had at Barney Greengrass! Plus for serious shoppers (me) nothing beats the quick access to the sales floor...just finish up and start shopping.

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                        All good points and Barney Greengrass can be fun and delicious. Of all the dept. store restaurants, it would be the best, I think. I stand corrected!

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                          the BARN is the only way to go!!!

                    2. Thanks for all the advice. We ended up driving past a few of the suggestions here but stuck with my original intent and went to The Farm. We had the breakfast burrito, a two eggs and toast from the kid's menu and I had a four-item omelette chosen from their seemingly endless list of omelette or frittata ingredients. Everything was good and served with a nice-sized bowl of fresh, ripe fruit and some really good potatoes. Nothing was amazing. With three beverages, the total was $47 including tip.

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                        I know I am late with this, but yesterday my sister & I had breakfast at Panini Cafe (LSM across from Le Pain Quotidian). We both had the poached eggs with spinach & tomatoes on fione - quite nice. Came with a cup of fresh fruit. Nice room, excellent service, not too noisy or COLD (my big complaint about most restaurants). Looks like their menu has a Mediterranean bent - the man next to me had a delicious-looking skewer of salmon & peppers served with a pile of rice & salad. Definitely going to give it a try for dinner.

                        Nice wine bar, too.