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May 30, 2007 09:28 AM

fishmonger in Providence?

Where do you buy your fish in Providence? I usually go to East Side Market or Whole Foods, but the fish there honstly is usually not lookin too perky. Does anyone know of a fishmonger in PVD?

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  1. I actually drive the extra 15 minutes or so into North Attleboro to go to Ocean Fresh right on Route 1. They have incredibly fresh seafood and a huge selection. The people there are very knowledgeable about what they are selling and even opinions on how to cook it. Its worth the extra time for me anyway

      1. The best place to go without driving to Galilee is Captains Catch. they have a location in North Providence.

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          Where do you like to go in Galilee? I'm right near there :) and I usually get fish at Champlin's. By the way, I could NOT believe the swollen prices at the market next door to the ferry building. I only stopped in as a last resort, b/c Champlin's was sold out of everything but swordfish on Saturday (tourists beat me to the punch!) I gulped at the prices at the ferry fish market and of course I didn't buy anything, including the cod which was about $14 a pound! Champlin's had cod at $9.99 a pound which I still find high. What's the going rate on this? It annoys me to buy elsewhere when I am three minutes from Galilee, but I do need to conserve cash too.

        2. Folks have offered a lot of options in this thread and the one celeriac posted, but unfortunately, none of them are in Prov. (Except for Mekong on Broad St., which I've got to check out). I eat fish weekly, so I'm not going to drive out of town for it. East Side Market and Whole Foods don't really do it for me, either. It's really a drag.

          Fortunately, there's supposed to be a fish market opening on Atwells at the corner of Knight soon. There's been a "coming soon" sign in the window for months. I can't wait. I just might be patronizing them a couple times a week, if they ever open.

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            I've heard (not sure how true this is) that like all businesses that seem to be delayed here, the hangup is the Fire Marshall/Fire Inspections...

            - Garris

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              Also, it's at the corner of Atwells and Dean (not Knight).

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                Any update on the Atwell's fish market?

                1. re: merse

                  Try and bump this up. Anyone know the name of the place on Atwell's?