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May 30, 2007 09:18 AM

post-show dinner downtown

i'm going to see a show downtown tomorrow night, and i'm looking for a place to dine (preferably downtown, or between downtown and the westside) after the show (10pm).

i've been loving izakaya lately, and have recently been to haru ulala and ebisu, both of which i liked. i really wanted to try izayoi, but i don't think its open late.

any suggestions?

additional information: its my birthday, so i'm looking for someplace nice-ish (just not a total dive). also, my bf is a quasi-vegetarian who eats fish, but not other meat.


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  1. There are a lot of pre-theatre dinner choices in downtown l.a., but they close around 10 pm during the week. You may want to check the hotel restaurants in the area.

    1. Pacific Dining Car - downtown, open 24 hours, steaks, seafood, and they also have a breakfast menu always available. It's a very nice, expensive place though.

      More within reason budget-wise is Beechwood in Venice. But make reservations and know that it could get crowded and loud, though perhaps less so on a Thursday than on a weekend.

      1. hey guys, thanks for the suggestions, i'll definitely look into them!

        1. Pete's on Main and 4th. Nice patio and casual nice. They have lots of veggie and fish options.

          J Lounge on Olive and 11th. They have a late night menu til midnight.

          E3rd in J Town might serve late as well. Food is quite good and they have a funky art scene meets professionals that hang out there.