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May 30, 2007 09:12 AM

Muffin Storage Question

I want to make some muffins the day before I need them --need to head out the door at 7am the day I need them so no time to bake that morning. In the past if I have baked my muffins, the tops are nice and crispy. Then once they are cooled I have put them in a sealed plastic container. The next day the tops are mushy and sticky.

Any idea how I can store muffins overnight without losing much freshest/ avoid them from getting hard as a rock?



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  1. I think this mostly occurs when they are not fully fully cooled... in my experience it's the leftover steam that steams the tops. You could maybe wrap them more loosely in plastic wrap which might let some air get to them?

    1. If possible bake them right before you got to bed. One night on a cooling rack should not leave them hard. If you take them out of the oven a tiny bit early, you could probably let them cool in the pan with no ill affects.

      1. Somewhere there's a James Beard quote about how awful muffins are - tolerable at best when fresh and horrid when cold. I know that doesn't help you but at least you can see you're not alone!

        1. Also if you reheat them at your serving site, be sure to reheat them very gently and a little at a time. (eg 20 sec on 50% power, then see if they need more or not)
          Otherwise they are way overheated and not as tasty.