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May 30, 2007 08:50 AM

Where can I find the best crab cake?

Love crab cakes that aren't filled with breadcrumbs, just fresh lump crab meat. The best I've had was in Charleston SC, but I'm hoping to find a worthy version here in LA.

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  1. At a restaurant, I think Gorikee's in Woodland Hills has the best version. It's got a ton of fresh crab meat and slight crisped on top. Ton of crab. I don't think there are any breadcrumbs on it.

    1. For higher end places I think the version at Arnie Morton's is excellent. Very fresh, little if anything other than beautiful lump crab meat. As an added bonus you can get the best filet in town while you're at it.

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      1. My favorite crab cake is actually at The Brigantine down in Del Mar.

        My favorite crab cake recipe is from Wolfgang Puck:

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          Oops forgot to add my LA rec. I like the one at Hungry Cat.

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            I love the crab cake at Hungry Cat. Now I'm hungry...

        2. Love the one from Orris... very fresh, just crab...


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            Would agree on Orris. Have had very, very good and not as good at Hungry Cat. Actually, Costco sells some frozen ones that are not half bad. If you like the doctored up ones, Trader Joe has some cheap little ones that I can run thru in one sitting (there's a dozen mouthful sized cakes in the box).

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              Strongly agree re the crabcake at Orris.

          2. The Palm does a great, meaty crabcake--not fried like most. Also, a frequent special at Jar are the spectacular crab and shrimp cakes. As noted by a prior poster, Orris offers a wonderful version.

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