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Where can I find the best crab cake?

Love crab cakes that aren't filled with breadcrumbs, just fresh lump crab meat. The best I've had was in Charleston SC, but I'm hoping to find a worthy version here in LA.

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  1. At a restaurant, I think Gorikee's in Woodland Hills has the best version. It's got a ton of fresh crab meat and slight crisped on top. Ton of crab. I don't think there are any breadcrumbs on it.

    1. For higher end places I think the version at Arnie Morton's is excellent. Very fresh, little if anything other than beautiful lump crab meat. As an added bonus you can get the best filet in town while you're at it.

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      1. My favorite crab cake is actually at The Brigantine down in Del Mar.

        My favorite crab cake recipe is from Wolfgang Puck: http://www.wolfgangpuck.com/recipes/r...

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          Oops forgot to add my LA rec. I like the one at Hungry Cat.

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            I love the crab cake at Hungry Cat. Now I'm hungry...

        2. Love the one from Orris... very fresh, just crab...


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            Would agree on Orris. Have had very, very good and not as good at Hungry Cat. Actually, Costco sells some frozen ones that are not half bad. If you like the doctored up ones, Trader Joe has some cheap little ones that I can run thru in one sitting (there's a dozen mouthful sized cakes in the box).

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              Strongly agree re the crabcake at Orris.

          2. The Palm does a great, meaty crabcake--not fried like most. Also, a frequent special at Jar are the spectacular crab and shrimp cakes. As noted by a prior poster, Orris offers a wonderful version.

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            1. Haven't been there in a long time, but Water Grill used to have a great crab cake.

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                  Yup, nothing quite like the Water Grill.

              1. red white + bluezz has a nice one on their appetizer menu that is pretty good!


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                  I like the traxx crab cake...all crab meat with a panko crust and spicy aioli with crisp frisee and vegetable slaw!! ohhh yeahh!

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                    I actually forgot about that one. I like the one at Traxx also.

                2. From Costco...I just had them last night and I have to say it was the best I've ever had. Lumps of crab meat with just enough egg and crumbs to bind the crab meat....you can barely see it.

                  In the frozen food section. Made by Handy (since 1903) from of Maryland. 6 hand formed crab cakes to a box for I think $11.99.

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                    I would not say they are the best ever, but they are good and not the puny kind either.

                  2. I've been thinking about this and it seems there's a fork in the road. There's the pure crab cake qua crab cake, and there's the cake with sauce. A good Dijon or remoulade sauce can definitely enhance a cake.

                    1. Great suggestions! I'm especially interested in trying the crab cake from Orris; I would never have thought of that and I didn't notice the crab cake on their menu the last time I ate there.

                      Also, mc michael is right about the various types of crab cakes. For me it's all about crab and less filler, but I can definitely appreciate a cake that is dressed up (like the Wolfgang Puck recipe) or has a tasty remoulade to accompany.

                      I like these kinds of choices...

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                        I know it's considered heresy here, but I think The Ivy has a good large cake with a good remoulade. The Orris cakes IIRC are small but pretty much all crab. If I'm not mistaken The Palm does good larger cakes but not cheap.

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                          yep, the Palm does do them (at least downtown where I've had them) - affirmed by New Trial's post above...they come with a mango salsa, as do those at red white bluezz.

                          Definitely a whole different experience than with a remoulade,...I like the clean, fresh taste of the crab allowed by the salsa, ...not so rich tasting, just zingy fresh ocean flavor. But then again, I can not deny the tradition and beauty of the crab when paired with a remoulade.

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                            I concur on the Ivy. It is as good as any other mentioned here. Very consistent.

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                            This may be a slight different genre but creamy crab croquette from Blue Marlin on Sawtelle-

                          3. I am normally not one who like chain restaurants, but I was very pleasantly surprised by Boudin SF's at South Coast Plaza's crab cake sandwich. It's full of crab meat (think it's dungeness) and not too bad at $10. I split 1/2 the sandwich and a side salad with hubbie and it's a nice portion for a light lunch.

                            1. definitely without a doubt Spago...you will DREAM of them afterwards

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                                Can you describe Spago's version?

                                My wife just ate lunch at Morton's and Water Grill this past week and thought Morton's was the best in terms of the "less filler - more crab" style.

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                                  yes very fresh crab divine spices and herbs and ...i am just guessing here...lots of butter...

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                                  +1 for Spago.. Although I don't get to have too many crab cakes I did have the one's at Spago. It was the most memorable course I ate!

                                3. The Lobster, in Santa Monica... hardly deep fried, lots of fresh crab, superb.

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                                    I love the crab cakes at The Lobster as well! Lots of crab, fresh salad on top, nice portion.

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                                        For my money the cakes at Gulf Stream in the Century City mall are wonderful. Just lump crab with perhaps some beaten egg and a touch of seasoning, sauteed until golden. Two big cakes with two sides (love the wild rice salad and the beets with oranges) If not on the menu just ask and they make them for you. I order them without the mustard sauce. Just a squeeze of lemon and I am in heaven.

                                  2. santa monica seafood has yummy crabcakes.

                                    1. I know it's a chain but Gulfstream (like Densible said) and some Houston's (I know Pasadena for sure has them) have crab cakes that are pure maryland jumbo lump, no fillers. They're served in a pomeroy mustard sauce and come with a side. They're around 30$. [Gulfstream, Houston's and Bandera's are all the same company]

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                                        Have not eaten at all the restaurants mentioned in previous posts, but I adore the crab cakes at Morton's - just lump crab meat and seasonings. Divine!

                                        Might have to get around and do some comparison 'tasting'!