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May 30, 2007 08:46 AM

meals near Columbus Ohio convention center

I'll be in Columbus this weekend at the convention center and crowne plaza. Good eating within walking distance or under 3-4miles? Any kind of food except national chains. Thanks.

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  1. There was a thread about this recently which had lots of good suggestions.

    1. There is Rosendales ( which is brand new, has awesome looking tasting menu but I haven't been there yet - though I did go past it one night and it looked very, very good. It has gotten good reviews. Richard Rosendale was part of the culinary olympic team, etc. It is only a couple blocks north on the other side of High Street from the Convention Center.

      This weekend is the first Saturday of the month which means there is the Gallery Hop. All of the restaurants up and down High Street in the Short North (where the Convention Center is) will be busy. Lots of stores, hair salons, etc. become galleries, and along with fulltime galleries they stay open late and people wander through looking at all the art, etc. It is a fun time but usually very busy.

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        I went to Rosendale's last weekend and loved it - thought it definitely lived up to the hype. The service was great, food was delicious, and the plating was beautiful and really creative. I loved the beef carpaccio appetizer on "potato spheres" - they were like little balls of fried potato with the carpaccio on top and that was on top of dots garlic aioli. I will definitely return. They also have a great bar menu that includes truffle popcorn, fish and chips with skate wing, and a bunch of other fancy bar food items. I just ordered off the regular menu but I loved everything I had. I want to go back and try the tasting menu.

      2. You have a lot of choices in that area. A couple that I enjoy are the Burgundy Room(great food and wine) and the Happy Greek(inexpensive, informal, really good food). Other contenders in that spot:
        Martini's(hit or miss)
        Le Antibes

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          Thanks, all. I couldn't find that other link when i searched, and this was my first post. Really appreciate the prompt responses.

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            I love the happy greek. the hummos is so smooth and garlicky. Try the french fries at the GYro shop on henderson across from "fresh market"