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May 30, 2007 08:36 AM

Graduation dinner

My family and I (6 people) will be celebrating my sister's graduation next week, and we wanted to go somewhere a little upscale the night before commencement. I've read mixed reviews of Capital Grille, which was my sister's suggestion, and was wondering if anyone could suggest something comparable--doesn't have to be a steakhouse--just good food and a nice atmosphere. Thanks!

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    1. re: xperteater

      We'll be in Cambridge and will probably do a little sightseeing in the city, so anywhere accessible by public transportation is fine.

    2. I am personally not a big fan of Capital Grill. If you want a steakhouse, some other options are: Grill 23 in the Back Bay which is your traditional steakhouse but my favorite of the traditional group, KO Prime in the Nine Zero Hotel in Beacon Hill which is a less traditional steakhouse but my tastes of the bone marrow and steak tartare make it somewhere I want to check out (see a posting from last week where a group of Chowhounds went), and Davio's which is in the Back Bay and is an Italian steakhouse. Some other non-steakhouse options that I like are Clio (upscale, pricey, very creative food), Sorellina or Via Matta (both upscale Italian) or Hamersley's (French bistro fare but not with bistro prices).

      1. Wherever you go, make reservations right away. With Harvard and MIT graduating on consecutive days, the local restaurant situation will be extremely busy.

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