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May 30, 2007 08:33 AM


Going for the weekend, never been to, i would really apprecciate any recomendations on good food , wether is a street car vendor or fine dining, Thanks!!

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  1. Hi:

    Spent a week in Huatulco in March. The high end is not great, the restaurant at the Quina Real has a great view and average, globalized fusion food.
    I would suggest the market for local food, there are about 20 stalls with great breakfasts, fruit juices etc. There are also street vendors with tamales, tacos, etc.
    Most of the Zocale restos are geared towards tourists.
    We spent a lot of time agonizing over where to eat and I think the basic rule of travel applies..The rule, simply stated is, locals must outnumber tourists by 16 to 1 for the food to be interesting

    1. Hey Garz, Here are my recommendations for Huatulco:
      Places to Eat

      Santa Cruz

      Hecho En Mexico
      Calle Mitla, just off the square
      Santa Cruz
      The fish tacos are out of this world. It is made with tuna and there is an amazing spicy slaw in the taco. The combination of hot tuna and cold and spicy slaw are out of this world. A plate of fish tacos will set you back $40 pesos. You can order single beef or pork tacos (also very tasty) for $5pesos each. --tell them the guera from Salina Cruz sent you!

      ***There is also a restaurant right on the beach in Santa Cruz. You head through the square and then over to your left (facing the beach, not the docks with the boats). There are two blocks of shops and if you go to the second block closest to the beach, there is a restaurant right there on the beach. They have really tasty shrimp and margaritas to knock your socks off. Sadly, I can’t remember the name of it, but really it was really tasty.

      La Crucecita

      TerraCotta Restaurant
      Gardenia 902
      La Crucecita
      Located below the Hotel “Mision de Los Arcos) just off the square near the Cathedral
      They have an amazing breakfast there, try the stuffed French Toast, it is a little piece of heaven! They also have a really great Omelette Ranchero filled with chorizo, chile peppers and quesillo cheese, not exactly great for the waistline, but hey, you’re on vacation right?? Here is their lunch/dinner menu

      La Crema
      Located on Gardenia, just across from TerraCotta, on the 2nd floor
      La Crucecita
      great wood fired oven pizza. The service tends to be a bit slow, but you are on vacation…so relax! Every pizza is made to order and isn’t good pizza worth waiting for??

      For tacos al pastor, go to the square in La Crucecita. Near the Iguana Bar, you will see a big spit of tacos al pastor meat just waiting no, begging to be paired with a tortilla. They are only open after 3PM and they make some pretty good tacos al pastor. I have been there twice and sadly, I can’t remember the name of it.

      Sabor de Oaxaca
      Av. Guamúchil #204
      La Crucecita
      Traditional Oaxaca cuisine. I haven’t eaten there because I get my fill of Oaxacan cuisine in my home town. But, it has had great reviews.

      Bahia Chahue

      calle Zapotec s/n
      Bahia Chahue
      Located in the Posada Eden Costa
      These folks do international cuisine with a focus on French, Asian and North African. They have a white board menu and a standard menu, I recommend something off the whiteboard. It is usually pretty tasty.

      Fond de Gat
      Located on the main road
      Bahia Chahue
      You will see a covered wagon out front.
      Very simple dining. I haven’t been there myself, but the burgers are said to be amazing.