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slush puppy in new york - does it exist?

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i know we have slurpees at 7-11, but i am having a serious craving for a slush puppy...has anyone ever seen a machine for this anywhere? i will travel....far.


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  1. I haven't seen a Slush Puppy machine in ages. It did exist in NYC back in the late 80s, early 90s for sure. Not sure if it's still around.

    1. do some mr. softee's sell these?

      1. The only Slush Puppies I used to have were at Dresen's in East Hampton in the 80s. Large round ice crystals, right? Some of the Clearview Cinemas in Manhattan have Icees. Though, might I suggest you check out Quickly on Grand, just east of Bowery? It's an Asian slush drink chain which is quite good. Nothing like the texture of a SP, but lots of flavors, very tasty.


        1. I used to get them all the time at nothing-special deli in Astoria on 31st Ave and 34 th St. I was in there last week and they still have the machine.

          1. I am almost sure that I have seen Slush Puppies on offer at the Last Stop grocery on the NW corner of Isham and Broadway. Take the A to 207th (last stop) and exit by the front of the train.

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              I know of a couple of places in Queens that have the REAL Slush Puppy. The snack shack by the tennis courts at Alley Pond Park has them (located on Winchester Blvd & Union Turnpike) -- just saw the sign last week. There are also some bodegas/grocery stores that have Slush Puppies -- there is one in Richmond Hill, Queens at the corner of Myrtle Ave & Park Lane South across from Forest Park. Gotta love the stuff!