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May 30, 2007 08:24 AM

Dressing for this pasta salad?

On another site I read, someone mentioned seeing a pasta salad in a store with bowties, prosciutto and peas. It sounded really good to me, and I'm going to make it for a cookout this weekend, but I'm a bit stumped on the dressing.

What would I dress it with? Balsamic? Italian dressing? Something with lemon?

Suggestions would be wonderful!

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  1. Off the top, I'd say your own suggestions would be tasty. If the weather will be on the hot side, I'd steer clear of a mayo based dressing...but a flavorful Italian dressing should work, keeping in mind the prosciutto is salty.

    1. I've made a similar-sounding dish, but it was a main dish. I made a cream and parmesan cheese sauce to go with it.

      But for a cookout, on a warm summer day, I wouldn't go that way. I think I'd go with a balsamic dressing to pull the sweetness of the peas out. Maybe a white balsamic though so the color is still light.

      1. Tarragon vinegar and/or lemon juice with some good quality olive oil. Mmmm. I find balsamic a bit strong and it could take over the flavors. Add some zest of lemon too.

        1. I would make some pesto and add mayo and lemon juice to consistancy. I might even add some gorgonzola crumbles depending on the crowd.

          1. I agree with Gio with leaving the mayo out -

            I would try a balsamic type of dressng with either a hint of mint or cilantro.