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May 30, 2007 07:54 AM

What is your best local restaurant in NYC...

If it is good enough for your taste buds, it must be good enough for mine. I would like to explore your neigborhoods best joint for a meal. Only your best, please!

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  1. Cantina Toscana, east side of 1st Ave. just south of 61st St., opposite Bed, Bath & Beyond. Excellent Italian, good service, very acoomodating (made a shellfish risotta when nothing like ti was on the menu, at the request of a friend), never rushes you in and out, good wiine selection at prices that do not soak you.

    While some places in the area have bigger names, none beat Cantina Toscana for food, and it is very nice to avoid the crowds at the others.

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      Thanks captain, i will definitely pay a visit and down some shellfish risotta!

    2. My West Village neighborhood has no shortage of great restaurants but I think my most favorite, based on uniqueness, flavor, vibe, and value is Cafe Asean. It is a cozy little southeast Asian space that also has a semi-enclosed back garden. It boasts not-your-average Asian dishes at very reasonable prices. Everyone I've ever brought there has absolutely loved it.

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        I have not been in a while, but always liked Cafe Asean. It was one of my sure-fire date spots, and every woman I went with really liked it. However, I only ate outside once, during which time there were unmistakeable sounds of wildlife roaming behind the fence in back. So, you might not want to sit close to it, but I would go.

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          I like Sa Woy (Thai) on the Upper East Side.

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          What's the signature your order most?

        3. Ralph's for cheap Italian on 56th and 9th. Or West Side Chef for Chinese on 58th between 8th and 9th.

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              At Ralphs, they have a special often thats parpedelle (sp?) pasta with scallops, white snapper, mussels and clams in a white wine sauce, so amazing! At West Side, I love the sautéed string beans and double sautéed pork. Also, I forgot to mention Nook, which is tiny but so delicious. There I usually have the garden pasta or the steak and mashed potatoes. It's BYOB and has a very quaint feel.

          1. I don't know if you'd consider it a neighborhood restaurant, because it's gotten a lot of press already, but for our neighborhood, the West Village, I'm loving the new Perilla restaurant (Harold Dieterle's place from Top Chef). We've been there twice already and think it's amazing. Fantastic food and a hip yet VERY friendly atmosphere.

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              Seems like a blast, any thing on the menu you regularly get?

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                It actually is really fun there. Everyone is really nice and the food is awesome. I tried different things for appetizers and mains (love love love the chicken with sausage!) and my husband is into the truffle fiddlehead fern mushroom ravioli.

                I got the coconut cake with Perilla ice cream both times for dessert (I love coconut). He tried different ones. (chocolate cake and donuts).

                Also, no one mentioned, but they have these tiny little spicy oatmeal cookies they bring with the check which may be the best oatmeal cookies I've ever had.

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                  thanks i will sure give this one a try

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