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May 30, 2007 06:56 AM

Hot Dogs in Ft Lauderdale

Dogma...New gourmet Hot Dog place on South Federal in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. It's part of a Miami chain. Very clever hot dogs, lots of fresh ingrediants, but...the hot dogs aren't great. Don't know what kind they use, but they lack flavor. That may be intentional, since they put so many flavorings on top.

Best, still is Hot Dog Heaven, on East Sunrise Blvd. Tiny, hard to find, but impossible to beat. The real thing. Chicago style hot dogs with THE WORKS. Best pickles in town. Great people,. The same family has been working there for decades.

For Chili Dogs, Skyline is great, on North Federal. Also the chili is "real" Cincinnati chili.

Another great dog is the $1.50 dog and soda special at Costco. Big, flavorful, and cheap.

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  1. Also Don't forget Michael's on E. Broward Blvd.

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    1. Hot Dog Heaven uses Vienna Beef Hot dogs. You cannot buy these dogs anywhere at Publix or Costco. They are awesome! The next best, in my oppinion are the NY dog (Sabrett Hot dogs which you can buy at publix). I believe Costco cooks up a kosher "Sinai 7" dog. It is okay but their bun is cold. Hot dog heaven on Sunrise Blvd. or Hot Diggidy Dog on Griffin are the best and both serve Vienna Beef.

      So nice!

      The best dog I have ever had was in Rhode Island at a chain called "Spikes" hot dogs. They cook up a fresh sour dough roll for it too!.. Absolutely the best dog EVER!

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        Target, at Coral Ridge Shopping Center has vienna dogs, I thought they tasted awful, but I am used to Nathans or sabrett. Its a regional thing. What ever you grow up with tastes best.

      2. Fuddrucker's makes a pretty awesome (and huge) hot dog on a huge, delicious, fresh-baked bun. However, Fuddrucker's are rapidly disappearing from Florida. We have one in all of Orlando, and the one I went to most of my life in South Miami has changed names and ownership.

        If you make it down to Miami, Arbetter's on Bird Road and Galloway (SW 40th St. and SW 87th Ave.) is a local landmark and a hot dog institution. Great West Virginia dogs with chili, mustard, and cole slaw, and terrific chili cheese fries too!