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May 30, 2007 06:48 AM

Outdoor Dining In DC?!

Wondering what there is out there in DC that offers great food with great outdoor seating. Chef Geoff's in Glover Park is a personal favorite but I just ate there a few days ago and am looking for something new. I am pretty open on food style, so long as it's good. Thanks.

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  1. Dino just started having outdoor dining.

    1. David Greggory has outdoor seating no one says a lot about it one here, but it is very good, Lauriol Plaza has the upper outside deck, Zantnya has some outdoor seating, I have never eaten at 14th and K, but it has outdoor seating, Tomat in Dupont I believe has some outdoor seating. Then there are a bunch of places that have like 2-3 outdoor tables like Palena Cafe, but it might be hard to get those without some luck.

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        Also David Greggory will be closing sometime soon (anyone have a date??) so that would be a good choice.

        1. re: Elyssa

          It is closing? For good? Really?

          1. re: ktmoomau

            There was a post on this earlier. They are basically redesigning it, creating a new concept etc. David Gregory will be staying on as head chef but the owner's of Felix in AM are taking it over.

            I think there was an article in the Post about this but I'm not sure.

            1. re: Elyssa

              I just called them --- Yes, David Greggory is closing at the end of the month (July) and will be closed all of August, as they redecorate for the new restaurant. It will no longer be called DG.

      2. Montmartre would be my top choice for great food and pleasant outdoor seating. For an outdoor courtyard setting, Tabard Inn would fit the bill too.

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          Thanks for all the great inputs...I think I am going to go with Dino tonight, but will definitely hit the other places this summer!

        2. This past Friday I had dinner in the outdoor courtyard at Tabard Inn in Dupont Circle. The food was quite good and the setting was incredible. It's really enchanting back there. They have a little water fountain and flowers and best of all a huge pastel colored parachute (yes you heard me right) drapped over the top of the courtyard so you don't have the direct sunlight beating down on you.

          I also went to PS 7's (in Gallery Place/Chinatown area) last night. They have a big outdoor area and an excellent Happy Hour deal. Their food was really good and cute (mini tuna sliders, mini half smokes on homemade hot dog buns etc). Good drinks as well.

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          1. re: Elyssa

            You might just want to stay in Glover Park for a *quiet* meal in Busara's garden. Beautiful Pad Thai and Panang Curry, a reasonable and well-considered beer selection, against trees that split the dark of the evening?

            It feels so far removed from the din of Wisconsin a different place altogether!

          2. For organic sustainable bar food The Reef in Adams Morgan offers roof seating- beautiful for dinner.

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            1. re: jpschust

              Ooo...I second that. I go to the Reef often during the week to get to the roof (near impossible on the weekends). The food is good, the beer selection is even better.

              Also, check out Bourbon as well in Adams Morgan. I really like their food (American/comfort food) and they also have a good beer selection as well as, you guessed it, Bourbon. They have a "hidden" outdoor seating area if you go past the bar, out the back door.

              Both places are good during the week places or great places to wind down on Sunday nights.

              1. re: winger1930

                When I lived in the neighborhood I would eat at Bourbon a lot. Their crab cake sandwich with waffle fries is really good. And for dessert get the homemade chocolate chip cookies---straight out of the oven. They have a good beer selection as well.