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May 30, 2007 06:40 AM

Best Dim Sum OUTSIDE of Chinatown?

Sometimes I'm craving it (ok, always) but I'm not down there. I live on the UES, but can be flexible. Suggestions?

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  1. New Hop Sing in Chatham square is my pic. Not that is the best and the cleanest. But it's one that i've been going with my Dad since 25 years ago. The pork buns are absolute better that the fatty pork buns of Mei Lai Wah on Bayard.

    1. Ha, sorry Jel212. i saw dimsum and didn't read OUTSIDE....blind eye critik me

      I don't know of any dimsum outside of chinatown that is good. Hmm...

      East Buffet in Long Island may be one of the choice to make. Google it!

      1. Chinatown Brasserie, on Lafeyette Street, has good, though pricey, dim sum. Their chef, Joe Ng,(formerly dim sum chef, later promoted to chef) is widely considered one of the best dim sum chefs in the city.

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          I second the Chinatown Brasserie rec. I know that some on this board arent fond of CB, I have always had EXCELLENT dim sum there. Not traditional by any means, and much more expensive than the traditional places though ...

          1. re: kiworan79

            I've been to CB several times since it opened. Although a Chinatown experience is near and dear to my heart, I find that CB excels in a very large (and ever expanding) menu of creative dishes, fair-to-good service, beautiful presentation, no lines, and a large area for outdoor seating. If I feel like eating outside and not having to ask several times for ice water, that's where I head.

            Recently, I was impressed with the shrimp-stuffed green chilis, rice noodle rolls with pork, crispy taro root shrimp, and curry chicken dumplings. The only weakness I found was with the tiny size of the (delicious but small) pork buns.

        2. I moved from the village over a year ago to the UES, and it was basically your story. When I don't feel like trekking downtown or out to Queens, Cafe Evergreen on 1st & 69th can satisify any dim sum craving. The dim sum is good, the restaurant is nice, smaller tables then in Chinatown, and they have the carts.

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            I second Cafe Evergreen. I used to live right around the corner and used to drag my fiance there every weekend for dimsum and even order delivery once in a while. It's not nearly as inexpensive as Chinatown, and they have a little less variety, but the food is excellent.

            1. re: mikka

              Cafe Evergreen without a doubt. Everything is hot, the place is clean, and most of the staff speak English. I prefer it to most places in Chinatown.

            2. Our Place o 82nd (I think) and 3rd is also good.