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May 30, 2007 06:10 AM

Food Gifts From Florida?

We have friends who work for Stumptown Roasters in Portland, OR who are being so kind to send us beans in exchange for other gifts so we don't have to risk drinking subpar coffee. We'd love to send them food gifts that are exclusive to or familiar with Florida that can ship easily and that aren't, well, too gimmicky. These people are very familiar with fine foods, but they aren't snobs, i.e. they love grits etc etc etc; they love "good" food period.

We live in St. Pete, but can shop anywhere in Florida if they do online sales.

Any ideas? Please list links to places who ship food also, thanks!!!!

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  1. Well, of course you think citrus. It's not the best time to ship fresh - but on one of my trips to FL, I brought back some citris jellies that were a big hit. Lime marmalade was the favorite, I think.

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      see if Bloods or one of the other citrus growers do a gift certificate or if you can pre order citrus for Christmas time and let your friends know they will be receiving a gift later in the year?

    2. Key lime juice, pies are also very Florida. There is a company that makes a key lime rum cake that is really good.

      I don't know if these items are so much Florida as they are Southern but Southern BBQ sauce, grits, shrimp are a few other ideas.

      1. Tupelo honey from in the Panhandle

        and probably other places

        1. Florida Groves and Winery is located at 1500 Pasadena Ave So. in South Pasadena. (St. Pete) It produces a lot of unusual fruit wines and also carries several Florida related products.Their web site below highlights only the wines. But if you stop by you will see many other things. (as well as free wine tasting)

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            I second Ken's rec for Florida Groves. What a cute place, and they're so nice with the tasting. We have a bottle of Category Five sparkling wine in our fridge, waiting for You Know When. A great label (you can picture the cloud formation), and their fruit wines are not bad!

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              Let me "third" the vote for Florida Groves. We sent some of our faves to out-of-state friends this past Christmas and keep a stash in the wine fridge. In addition to the Cat Five sangria, I really like the passion fruit wine. For something really different, try the orange/coffee wine; a really different dessert wine. Oh, and the grapefruit champaign is a refreshing twist on the original. A visit to the store to enjoy their wine tasting bar is a great experience too, as Ken and Joan both mention.

          2. Soups from Chalet Suzanne in Lake Wales are always good. They used to sell them in Publix

            Last year for Christmas, my mom sent some stuff from Kermit's Key West Key Lime shop.

            Also, if you're sending stuff in January, there are a few places that send these really good tangelos called Honeybells.