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May 30, 2007 05:51 AM

Restaurants in Leeds

Where can I have cheap eats in Leeds? I will be staying for three-four days. Preference: Chinese and traditional British. Good breakfast joint?
Thanks so much for the suggestions for Fish n Chips outlets in London!

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  1. The only decent Chinese in Leeds (that I know of -- please someone tell me if I'm wrong!) is Red Chilli on Gt George St in the centre of Leeds. Alas, it's not cheap, but very good.

    1. For nice sandwiches and salads I recommend Anthonys Piazza in the basement of the Corn Exchange.

      As a weekly visitor from Londons East End I am haveing a lot of fun trying out the Indian restaurants of Leeds. This weekend, I had a great experience at Saffron - Delights of the East restaurant in Roundhay. Its the best I have had so far. Excellent value too.

      1. Red Chilli is excellent, a little smart and pricey, but good value if you order sichuan and stay off the beers. (See my recent review). Anthony's piazza - again, good value and large portions. Lots of excellent fish and chip shops.

        Loobcom, try the three current Leeds benchmark Indians over your next trips: the Bird at the casino near the armouries (top end poncey central London style without the prices), Aaagrah on the Headrow (giganans you could swaddle the little baby jesus in) and a long tsayer, the Sheesh Mahal on Kirkstall Road. You can tie a visit to sheesh mahal in with Kirkstall Abbey.

        A bit OT: hot new pub across from the Town Hall on the Headrow, can't remember its name but stunning selection and quality of ale

        prats, be aware that Leeds is generally cheaper than London.

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          mr gimlet

          We visited Bird a few weeks ago, were the only people there and left because it just seemed infeasible that good food could be produced with THAT decor and within THAT proximity of a casino. Maybe I am very prejudiced against casinos..