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May 30, 2007 02:16 AM

Best Deli in St. Louis for Sandwiches?

I'm looking for a good hot pastrami or Reuben.....where do I go?

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  1. Check out Lester's on Clayton Road. In house made pastrami in overstuffed sandwiches.

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    1. Amighetti's, on the Hill (and I think they have other locations now throughout St. Louis) is famous for their Italian subs. The bread is made at the Italian bakery -- fresh and crispy.

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      1. re: botanica

        I'm a frequent flyer of the Hill and Manchester locations. Thnx.

      2. you're not really getting your pastrami or reuben answers are you?

        Reuben is Posh Nosh in Clayton all the way.

        Kohn's pastrami is rated highly, but I found it terrible. Once you've had pastrami or corned beef in NYC, it's tough to go with anything else. Carl's is supposed to be good, but I haven't been as of yet.

        I like Pumpernickle's a lot, and they have both I believe.

        As for just Deli sandwiches in general

        Blues City Deli - wicked good olive salad on their muffaletta and it's absolutely huge. I had one today as a matter of fact and loved every bite.

        I also think that the Smoke House Market attached to Annie Gunn's has one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. The Herbed Crusted roast beef with beef, carmelized onions, brie, tomato, lettuce and dijonaise on a french baguette. Fantastic every time!

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          Thanks Bob. I have had that roast beef...deelish!

        2. While Amighetti's gets all the press, the Southwest Deli on Columbia Ave. near Kingshighway serves some excellent made to order sandwiches.

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            I keep forgetting about them when on the Hill. Pretty good service there too as far a speed of sammich constuction.

          2. I like the pastrami and corned beef at Protzel's.