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May 30, 2007 12:55 AM

Suggestions for car club dinner drive (Sac)

My husband and I are members of a car club who like to get together once or twice every summer and do a scenic dinner drive to an area within an hour away from Sacto (An hour there and and hour back max). We've been to Theresa's in Jackson and it was great. We are looking for another out of the way hidden gem that would be a nice scenic drive away....Placerville, Colfax, Auburn, Sutter Creek, Nevada City, Grass Valley, Apple Hill, Jackson etc........ There usually are anywhere from 10-25 Cobra's on the drive so we would need ample parking. We would of course make reservations ahead of time. Good solid food that isn't wildly expensive would be ideal. Any suggestions?????

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  1. This might be what you are looking for...Kane's in Grass Valley. Ample parking in back and across the street (unless event is scheduled for GV). Interesting menu sure to please veryone. Great food I have been a couple of times and for me it is one of the better places in the area..

    1. Just back from this area and a special warning to stay away from Villa Venezia in Grass Valley - it was doing something right a year ago and has really failed this year - what happened? Stay away until they get back into their groove. Bread was perfectly awful. The appetizer spread was unedible. "Fagiolata" mixed bean salad so-so and needed a strong dose of balsamic vinegar to give it any boost at all, and the "zucca" (squash) crepes were abominable. I had the crepes last year and they were totally, totally off this time - thin dry flavorless crepe with the most gluey,pasty god awful sludge of something related to squash, I guess thrust inside with a glop of oil and a puny sprinkling of something green and flavorless.

      Needless to say it was supposed to be sage-infused butter and a mouse of ricotta and squash in a crepe that had me come back -- but this mockery they passed off this evening apparently never read the menu to know what was expected of it.

      Too bad, because the setting is nice and it was much better only a year ago.

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          Ooops, it was a mousse of ricotta and squash, not a mouse -- though on that bad night who knew???

        2. The original comment has been removed