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May 29, 2007 10:56 PM

Specialty Groceries on LI

looking for specialty grocery stores on long island, specifically "ethnic" grocers. i know there are a lot of italian grocers across long island but i'm looking for spanish/mexican groceries or asian groceries. i'd prefer suffolk county, but am willing to drive to nassau. the more diverse and authentic the products/produce are the better! any specialty grocers of any kind known of that can be reccomended would be great too!

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  1. There is an ethnic supermarket on West John Street in Hicksville. They have an extensive line of Oriental food, and some Spanish food, especially spices.

    It is set back, on the south side of the street, opposite a small group of stores. I believe it is just west of a building with a business called 'AVA'. It is poorly signed and is tricky to find for the first time, but is worth going to.

    They also have alot of products from China at ridiculously low prices, in addition to food. There is an extensive produce section in the back as well as a meat and fish market.

    There is also a similar, but more upscale market in Hempstead, in a location that is also the size of a supermarket. It is one block off Hempstead Avenue, right in the middle of town.


    1. I just found the best "Oriental Groceries" store (that's the name on the sign) they have everything at giveaway prices. They have Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Indonesian and tons of other stuff, a lot of things don't even have English on the label so I can't even give a full rundown. It's all dry goods though. I went in for sushi mats, but they had so many other things that I haven't been able to find over the years, this will be my new one stop shop. Not just food, but rice cookers, chopsticks, paper umbrellas, Chinese pastries on the front counter.
      It's on 347 in Lake Grove, behind Burger King: between the mall and Nicolls Road, so it's conveniently located too! (I tied it in with a trip to Trader Joes)
      For Mexican I usually find everything I want at Best Yet Markets.

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        This is my "go to" place as well. And it's not just dry goods. At the back they always have a nice selection of gai lan, pea shoots, fresh bamboo shoots, bok choy, yard long beans, etc. And in the front near the refrigerated case, they usually have some roast meats brought in from Flushing.

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          Glad you told me, I was in sort of a rush that day but will be back there soon! I'll take my time next time.

      2. There's an H Mart in Williston Park, on Hillside Ave.

        Not sure how good, but recent story in Latino markets from Newsday:

        1. The C-Town on New York Avenue in Huntington Station has a huge selection of Hispanic foods, including produce like culantro and ajices dulces.

          1. A few weeks ago this story ran in newsday:
            it might help!