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May 29, 2007 10:36 PM

If you were moving to Chicago and didn't have a car...

If you were moving to Chicago, and didn't have a car, and were on a budget, where (give me an intersection) would be the best place to live to be within walking distance of the most good food options. Wow that's a long sentence! Ok, when I say "good food," I mean tasty, not expensive. All food types and ethnicities appreciated. Thanks in advance you guys! (This is my first Chicago post!)
Love, Kiwi

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  1. Probably just North of Andersonville, in less pricy Edgewater -- walking distance from the Red Line to the Loop and Evanston -- walking distance from Clark Street, Broadway and all the tasty and reasonably priced restaurants in that area, too numerous to enumerate here!

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    1. re: ChefJune

      mmm, Andersonville. Isn't that where the Middle Eastern market is that has those delicious stuffed sandwich things?

      1. re: kiwi

        Exactomundo... those stuffed pastries sure are yummy. I've bought quite a bit of Halva there too.

        Of more culinary importance, said bakery is mere steps away from two delis that carry great scandinavian groceries: Wickstrom and Erickson. Also Hopleaf, a fantastic belgian bar with more beers on tap than I can count and the best mussels in town. Swedish bakery is not too far off either.

        1. re: kiwi

          Hi Kiwi, what is the name of the Middle Eastern market? Thanks!

          1. re: wench31

            It's the Middle Eastern Bakery and Grocery on Foster between Clark and Ashland. YUM!

      2. Consider Bucktown/Wicker Park. Plently of cheaps eats in the neighboorhood, and plently of public transportation.

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        1. re: JJ.

          I agree. Somewhere around Damen, between North and Division would be perfect.

          1. re: chicgail

            thank you for the intersections!!

            1. re: kiwi

              I second the bucktown/wicker park suggestion. Probably the largest variety of places in the shortest distance. faves about this area: the vegan/vegetarian places, (bleeding heart bakery), sultan's market for great falafels, farmers market in the summer, rodin's for brunch, handlebar, sweet thang (great croissants) coast sushi, meritage...

              1. re: pierrot

                OP is talking about budget apartments and dining, however, and Bucktown is substantially pricier than Edgewater at this time.

                1. re: ChefJune

                  Hey Chef June,
                  We are totally keeping our options open. I've seen enough apt. listings in the Bucktown/Wicker Park vicinity that are do-able price-wise, so we're not counting anything out! Thanks!

                2. re: pierrot

                  Hi Pierrot,
                  Thanks for the specifics. Is there a particular intersection I should zero in on to be in close to your faves?

          2. In chicago, walking distence near the EL. I agree with Andersonville, near the red line for cost and being able to get around town.

            Check out the attached link. It is a good start to learning the El.

            1. I live in Chicago, don't have a car and am on a budget. Right now I live on the Andersonville/Uptown border and love it. Lots of ethnic food on the Uptown side and lots of restaurants/bars on the Andersonville side. You really don't need a car no matter where you live in Chicago unless you have to drive to work

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                Is it Uptown or Rogers Park where there are Ethiopian restaurants? Or is it Edgewater? Sorry, it starts to get a bit blurry (my brain function, not the map) around there.

                1. re: kiwi

                  Edgewater has two. Ras Dashen and Ethiopian Diamond. Ras Dashen is by Thorndale and Broadway (Thorndale Red Line stop, go west to Broadway, go south on Broadway maybe a block). Eithopian Diamond is around Granville and Broadway. (Granville stop off the Red Line, go west to Broadway, go North a couple of blocks). There is an Ethiopian place in Uptown on Broadway but the name is slipping past me. It's off the Berywn stop (go west to Broadway, go North past the Jewel for maybe a block or so).

                  My personal fave is Ras Dashen

                  1. re: lbs

                    Yumm. Ras Dashan is on my list. ;}

                    1. re: kiwi

                      I third Ras Dashen. Best Ethiopian in Chicago. Check it out on a Friday night for live music!

                    2. re: lbs

                      I'm an Ethiopian Diamond fan, myself...

                      But I totally agree with North Andersonville for location.

                2. I've resided in Chicago for nearly ten years w/o a car. Most neighborhoods with their tasty fare are accessible by public transportation. You want to consider proximity to the Red and Blue lines and possibly the Brown line as well.

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                  1. re: aelph

                    That's a good point. From kiwi's previous posts, it looks like he/she is coming from the Los Angeles Area. Unlike LA, Chicago has an extensive train/subway system, so as long as you live close to the El, its very convenient to get around to all of these neighborhoods even if you don't have a car.

                    1. re: wak

                      Hi wak, Yes I'm a Valley Girl (San Fernando Valley in LA). Since we probably won't have a car, which is a constant argument, I want to live somewhere that there are lots of options within walking distance.