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May 29, 2007 10:10 PM

Ground Turkey Recipes

We started experimenting with ground turkey and made mini turkey burgers and turkey loco moco. Although they were good, the meat was a little dry. I'm thinking next time use some butter for extra flavor and texture.

Does anyone have any good advice to make the meat a bit more juicier? Or just good ground turkey recipes and ideas?

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  1. Butter=Good. Here's a link from yesterday with a bunch of recipe ideas:

    1. A friend of mine raves about his turkey burgers...He mixes them with salsa verde, then fries them in a skillet...They are very moist, so to help them stay together he puts a lid directly over the burgers (not the pan), while they are browning on the first side, then removes the lid to flip them over, then finishes them without the lid...

      1. Cook's Illustrated rec'ds putting ricotta (and maybe chopped onion also?) into turkey burgers.

        I use ground turkey for everything - burgers, sloppy joes, tacos, meatloaf, etc etc. Anything that calls for ground beef can use ground turkey.

        1. you can:
          Add some bread crumbs moistened with chicken broth.
          Add some of your favorite meat sauce.
          Add some tofu.

          1. I made turkey burgers the other day and they were moist and really good. All I did was add some worcestershire sauce (which helps with the moisture issue), chopped onions, fresh cilantro, s&p, a little bbq sauce (again, good for the moisture) and some sriracha chili sauce for a little kick. I seared them in a cast iron pan to give them a nice outside and finished them off in the oven. They'd work great on the grill too (they kept together really well), but it was raining when I made them. My boyfriend really doesnt like ground turkey (esp light meat) but they got rave reviews!